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‘Heart disease can be controlled’

Thirty minutes of activity per day can help to the prevention of heart attacks and strokes Antoniades said

By Evie Andreou

IN-HOSPITAL mortality of patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in the island is among the lowest in Europe at 3.5 per cent, chairman of the Cyprus Society of Cardiology Dr Loizos Antoniades said yesterday.

The low rate of death in hospitals in Cyprus was likely down to the short distances that allow patients to reach hospitals fast.

According to the latest data on ACS in Cyprus, around 1,300 patients with ACS are admitted annually to the island’s hospitals, which is similar to the European average.

Men are diagnosed with ACS more often and at younger ages than women.

According to the study, out of the 160 ACS patients per 100,000 inhabitants registered in Cyprus, 41 are women and 282 men, translating to three men per 1,000 and four women per 10,000 of the population.

Most male sufferers develop ACS between the ages of 50-59 while women typically show signs 20 years or more later, usually between the ages of 70-79. The study said that the 78.4per cent of all patients with ACS were overweight.

The figures were presented at a news conference ahead of World Heart Day on September 29.

Antoniades said environment played a very important role in the prevention and or reduction of cardiovascular diseases.

He said that the focus of this year’s World heart day was the creation of a healthy environment at home, school and workplace, the community and on a national level.

“World heart day aims to inform the public that a significantly large percentage of cardiovascular diseases can be prevented, if the main factors that predispose the disease are controlled,” Antoniades said.

He said that the health of an individual, the health of a community and the health of the environment were inextricably connected and urged everyone to make the necessary adjustments in their homes, work environments and the community.

Smoking, unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, lack of physical activities and obesity were the main factors for the development of cardiovascular disease.

“Even thirty minutes of activity per day can help to the prevention of heart attacks and strokes,” Antoniades said.

On a community and national level, the creation of green spaces that would encourage sports was very important he said, as well as the preparation of a national programme to inform the public on the risk factors and their prevention.

“The Cyprus environment with endless beaches, green forests and the Mediterranean diet offer Cypriots valuable means to a healthy prosperous life,” Antoniades said.

Stress was another very important factor that contributed to the development of cardiovascular diseases so workplaces needed to be away from noise pollution Antoniades said.

He said that on Saturday September 27, the public would have the opportunity to have their blood pressure and heart rate tested, and learn from cardiologists, nurses and volunteers on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In Nicosia testing will be carried out at the top of Ledra Street; in Larnaca at the square of St. Lazarus’s Church; in Limassol at MyMall and in Paphos at the Kings Avenue Mall from 11am until 2pm.

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