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Parties from both sides agree to disagree on guarantor powers

DIKO's Nicolas Papadopoulos

By Angelos Anastasiou

Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot political parties expressed diverging views on the need for third-state guarantees following a settlement of the Cyprus problem during Wednesday’s scheduled meeting at the Ledra Palace under the auspices of the Slovak embassy.

The meeting was hosted by DIKO and attended by the party’s leader Nicolas Papadopoulos.

In his speech, the DIKO leader argued against the need for guarantees as part of a solution to the Cyprus problem, while acknowledging the need for the two communities to better understand each other.

“I strongly believe that no matter how much we may disagree on certain issues, talking about such issues, even the sensitive ones, only helps us understand and inform one another, and hopefully in the future, live with one another,” he said.

“I fear that if we accept such a system [of third-state guarantees], we will simply perpetuate the very flaws and insecurities that created the Cyprus problem in the first place. To put that in more simple words; it will mean that we accept that Greek and Turkish Cypriots shall remain suspicious of one another – that they cannot be trusted with one another, and the so-called guarantors will be needed for providing security to them.”

A joint communiqué read out after the meeting by the Ambassador of Slovakia to Cyprus Oksana Tomova said that “the [meeting’s] conclusion was that there are many ways to secure a peaceful future for all the communities in Cyprus and they must all try to do their best to find them.”

The leaders and representatives of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot political parties voiced their opinions on the issue “Does Cyprus need guarantor powers? Are guarantors the means for ensuring stability and unity after a solution or the cause for future insecurity?” as proposed by the hosting party, DIKO.

Despite differing views on the issue, political parties acknowledged the importance of maintaining contact with each other.

The next meeting of the leaders and representatives of the two communities’ political parties will be held on Wednesday, October 22.

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