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UK charity slams ‘bogus’ fund raiser

The offending tickets issued by 'Mr Select' showing the involvement of Joe Glover Trust

By Evie Andreou

A UK-based charity has disassociated itself from a local fundraiser who has been using their name and logo to sell tickets and promote his event, but none of the money collected has been given to the children’s cancer trust.

Keith Outterside, chairman of the Joe Glover Trust, told the Cyprus Mail yesterday that his organisation is not associated with events organised in Cyprus bearing the foundation’s logo.

Outtesrside said that an individual has organised various activities in the past and one coming up soon, by raising funds allegedly on behalf of the UK-based trust that supports families of children and young people with cancer.

He also said that concerned Cypriots contacted the trust and asked if a charity walk organised by the company, Mr Select, that claims it is raising funds to help children from England with cancer to visit Cyprus, is in fact associated with them.

“We do not send children on holidays to Cyprus or indeed anywhere else, as claimed by Mr Select, instead we provide cash grants to families facing childhood cancer,” Outterside said.

He also said that he has written to the organiser of these events, Tony Antoniou, telling him to refrain from using the trust’s name and logo for his fund raising activities, or they will take legal action.

Antoniou’s company, Mr Select, is currently organising a 190km charity walk and is selling tickets at €7 each bearing the trust’s logo. The fundraiser is expected to take place at a Larnaca hotel on October 11 and 12, with a raffle draw that includes prizes such as vouchers for hotel stays, meals at restaurants and other gifts.

Outterside said that in the past Antoniou had twice advertised a £7,000 and a £10,000 fundraising campaign on Virgin Money in the trust’s name, as well as a performance by “Cliff Presley”, but Joe Glover Trust never received any donations from Antoniou.

He said that he had also posted comments on Mr Select charity’s facebook page but they were removed within 5 to 10 minutes.

“Our concern is that the people of Cyprus are donating to something that I am afraid will never reach us,” he said.

Contacted by the Cyprus Mail, Antoniou said that he was not aware that the trust did not wish for him to raise money for them and said that he is still waiting for a response, although he admitted that he saw Outterside’s posts on facebook saying that the Trust did not agree to support his charity.

“We invited them to come here and receive the cheque with the money we will collect, but they did not reply,” Antoniou said.

Outterside confirmed that they received his email but they had no intention of being present.

Antoniou said that a past fund raiser with money donated to the Joe Glover Trust did not materialise.

“I was going to do a Cliff Presley show and sell the CDs for €7each and give the proceeds to the Trust, but the cost to produce the CDs were higher than anticipated and I decided not to proceed,” he said.

He also said that he would contact Outterside and if the Trust did not want the money, he would find another charity and reprint other tickets.

“I chose a British foundation because I wanted to help boost tourist arrivals to Cyprus,” Antoniou said.

He also said that he was passionate about helping children with cancer and that he would find another foundation to donate the money to, as he will go ahead with the event in October.

“I’m not doing the charity so that I can keep the money, I want to help,” Antoniou said.

He also said that London Greek Radio will mention the fundraiser, as well as a local TV channel.

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