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‘Emotional completeness and Expression of courageous music thoughts’

By Filippos Adamou

Phenomenal young pianist Hayk Melikyan, who is recognised internationally as one of the most versatile and imaginative performers of contemporary music and among today’s most engaging virtuoso pianists, returns to Nicosia on Monday to join forces with the fascinating violinist Hugo Ticciati, who has been described as “an artist who has a rare ability to convey a profound understanding of the music and shed light on its spiritual intent”. Their programme is exciting and extremely discerning as it will include a number of contemporary classics by composers such as Messiaen, Lutoslawski and Pärt, interspersed with works by the younger generation of internationally renowned composers.

What inspires you to build each programme to combine classical works with contemporary?
HM: This always brings some fresh motion into the repertoire. At the same time, one can find the stylistic elements or even imitations of classical composers in contemporary compositions. I feel it is inspiring to incorporate these kind of works along with the classical ones into a programme. It is fascinating but at the same time it gives logic to a concert.

How does also being a composer affect Hayk the performer?
HM: These two terms primarily concern different world views: Looking at the piece as a composer is one thing, and when you touch the piece as a performer is another thing. You discover other aspects and details which complement each other and make the understanding of the composer’s “message” richer and probably more complete. In addition, the composer’s frame of mind gives the performer an opportunity to imagine various orchestral sounds, to even feel like a conductor in front of his instrument while performing a new work.

This is your third time in Cyprus but this time you will appear with the renowned violinist Hugo Ticciati. How has this partnership emerged?
HM: I have been cooperating with Hugo Ticciati since 2009 when we appeared together in National Gallery, one of Armenia’s most prominent classical music festivals. This collaboration became crucial in terms of understanding the likeness of our views and attitude towards the music of the 20th century, as well as newly composed music. Since then, we have appeared together many times, including, the Stockholm O/MODERNT festival – initiated by Hugo – where I was invited twice both as a composer and performer. As always, I am looking forward to performing in Nicosia as part of the International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival. It is definitely a very inspiring place to be. And this time I am thrilled I am sharing the stage with Hugo Ticciati. I would define our collaboration as “a kind of emotional completeness and expression of courageous music thoughts.”

Violin & Piano Recital with Hugo Ticciati (violin) and Hayk Melikyan (piano)
6 October 2014, 8:30pm: The Shoe Factory, Nicosia. For more information and tickets:

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