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Speed limit unchanged on camera monitored road

The speed limit on a stretch of road monitored by traffic cameras in Nicosia is still 50 kilometres per hour despite a decision to raise it after complaints it was too strict, resulting in hundreds of fines each day.

The cameras on Griva Dhigeni Avenue in Engomi initially caught 800 drivers a day, with many who used the stretch frequently now running the risk of losing their license after getting caught repeatedly.

The mayor received so many complaints that in July he went as far as to suggest that the cameras should be turned off during the day as to “not burden poor, honest people with speeding tickets.”

The road safety council had decided to raise the limit to 65 but implementation has delayed due to the disagreement of the public works department which suggested that it will result in a rise in accidents.

“The decision will be implemented when this matter is resolved, something which I believe will happen soon,” traffic police chief Yinnakis Charalambous said.

He added that no accidents have been recorded since the installation of cameras in the summer while the number of violations has dropped to 200 per day.

Apart from the cameras, authorities have also installed three speed plateaus further down the road, in a bid to stop youths using the avenue for racing.

The area’s residents have long suffered noise pollution and increased accident rates as a result.

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