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Russian tourist claims he was attacked in private ambulance

A 47-year-old Russian tourist in Ayia Napa has claimed he was attacked and robbed by the driver and nurse of an ambulance that was called to transfer him to a private hospital when he was drunk.
The tourist, staying at a hotel in Ayia Napa, reported that on Saturday he was picked up by the ambulance of a private hospital and was attacked by the two men in it, who also used a spray to immobilise him and took his wallet with €2,000 and STG£80 in cash, two credit cards, a ring and his watch.
Police reports said the ambulance never got as far as the clinic and that later the same man fell from a 10-metre-height and landed on a metallic shed in his attempt to jump from one balcony of the hotel’s fourth floor to another. He was then transferred by another ambulance to a private hospital.
A 47-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in connection to the alleged attack and police said they are looking for another person.
Famagusta CID is investigating the case.

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