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Reduced use of state limos to be passed into law on Thursday

By Angelos Anastasiou
Rules on the hotly contested issue of restricting the use of luxury cars for state officials will be discussed and voted during Thursday’s House plenum, the Finance committee decided on Tuesday.
Speaking after the session, deputy chairman Angelos Votsis said committee-level discussion had been concluded on the issue.
“These rules will significantly reduce those entitled to state cars as of January 1, 2016, and we feel they will allow for better management of an issue that provoked public sentiment,” he said.
Asked who would be entitled to exclusive use of a state limo under the new regime, Votsis responded that the list is quite limited, including only the posts of incumbent and former Presidents of the Republic and the House, government ministers, undersecretary to the President, government spokesman, police chief, National Guard chief and deputy, director of the National Intelligence Service, Attorney General, Supreme Court President, and the Auditor General.
“As of January 1, 2016, the vehicles used by other state officials will remain with the respective services for use as needed to cover each department’s needs and not for the exclusive use of the official,” Votsis said.
DISY deputy Prodromos Prodromou said the new rules include an amendment that would allow the House to monitor scheduling for the purchase or withdrawal of state cars, on the basis of a three-year plan to be submitted by the government that would indicate which cars are slated for withdrawal.
“The point of this effort is, first to reduce the privilege of using a state car under one’s personal capacity to the true top-tier state officials, and second, to sever the link between use of all other vehicles with one’s title and replace it with service needs that will be recorded and monitored,” he said.
Prodromou added that after the voting and implementation of the law, the next step would be for the government to submit its first three-year plan in mid-2015.

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