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Got something to say?

By Maria Gregoriou

THERE is currently a post going around Facebook telling us how to become a photographer. It includes buying an expensive camera, clicking random pictures, changing your profile pic to one in which you are pretending to take a picture of someone, or a mirror selfie with the camera, creating a Facebook page adding the word photographer, and uploading pictures with a watermark. Of course these step-by-step instructions poke-fun at how taking photographs has become a piece of pie to everyone and how access to them is even easier.

But some of us do take the business photographs seriously and we take them to prove a point, develop a theme, or attract attention to a subject. This is what the online photography contest entitled Having Their Say is hoping to put focus on.

The contest, which is being organised by the Embassy of Norway along with the Home for Cooperation in Nicosia, was created as part of the Sea Change project which was launched in 2012 with the financial help of the EEA and Norway Grants. The aim of the project is to capture moments lived by European youth, and thus also capture current society in Europe.

After being held in Athens, the competition now moves to Cyprus where Cypriot youths are being asked to have their say during a time when nothing is certain and dreaming is sometimes cut short.

The contest, which is open to all those aged 15-25, is running until December 20. The objective is to attract photographs that use art as a trigger to create reactions and to give young people freedom of speech. The competition also provides photographers with a platform to work with people from other backgrounds, who speak a different language and who follow a different religion.

You can enter the competition by sending your photographs to [email protected] with your name, your age, a means of contact, and a phrase or caption to go along with your photograph.

Chosen photographs will be shown at an exhibition of the same name from January 12 until February 15, 2015 at the Home for Cooperation. On the last day of the exhibition, two winners from the contest will be awarded scholarships in the field of photography and visual arts.

Having Their Say
Photography contest for people from 15-25-years-old. Closing date: December 20. Send photo to [email protected]

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