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Anastasiades: we must stop the brain drain

High fives for Anastasiades

President Nicos Anastasiades on Thursday spoke of the need to curb the Cyprus brain drain resulting from emigration of young people due to the economic crisis.

Anastasiades was speaking to around 70 children, representing the Children’s Parliament during a visit to the presidential palace to mark the anniversary of the signing of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The event was attended by Education Minister Costas Kadis and Child Commissioner Leda Koursoumba.

Anastasiades referred to the necessity to curb the tendency of young people to emigrate to find work.   “We need to create conditions so that they can remain, through incentives and working conditions so that our intellectual capital is not exported abroad,” he said.

“It is well known how many of our eminent scientists live abroad at a time when we need them in our country.”

Without much to offer them, young people were choosing the path of emigration or temporarily seeking work abroad, he added. But the government was doing its best to reverse the current situation

“We are talking about a contract between the state and young people through policies that will ensure that they have a future,” he said, adding that young people needed a sense of security that the state was on their side.

The president of the Children’s Parliament Florentzos Koutas, who handed over a resolution, said they were asking the government to invest early in children and to use more EU funding for educational purposes, for extra teaching resources and more school psychologists as well as doing more for children with special needs and protecting children from abuse.

“We want to see hope restored and prospects for children in order to stem the exodus of our young people abroad,” he said.


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