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If the situation were reversed?

I just can’t believe in the contrary logic that after we have been forcefully divided by Turkey who claims the occupied area is an ‘independent state’ with  ‘President’ Denktash informing the world that what each has  is  theirs to keep and do what they like with, but now we find oil in our territorial waters , we are being blackmailed by the use of submarines and warships  into  dividing it with them. Would the hypocrite David Cameron demand from the state of Southern Ireland a share of any oil deposits found in their territorial waters?

Has anyone considered if the reverse was true of our current injustice and it was Greece that invaded  Cyprus due Turkish Cypriots demands for Enosis with Turkey and Turkish Cypriots were kicked out  of their homes to be left with  less property and land  and told that what they have is theirs to do what they like with. Now forty years later they find oil and  Greece demands  a cut for the Greeks Cypriots because she is one of  the guarantors of the  independence and constitutional order of the ‘one state of Cyprus’.

A Dinou, Nicosia

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