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Not illegal but most certainly immoral

I have a holiday home in Venus Beach Village, Kato Paphos. I bought it 10 years ago.

At this time there was a road at the front of my property. I was given the impression that this was a public road. This was a wrong assumption. The road actually belonged to a property developer in Paphos. He sold the road last year to another property developer.

These developers are building apartments a few yards away from my property. They have put fencing alongside the road, which prevents me and my neighbours from having access to my property with a vehicle. Delivery of goods is impossible. A more serious question is access for the emergency services. The developers have refused to give ANYONE access to the road. This includes emergency vehicles. Even if access was granted, how is an ambulance crew going to have access to each property. The developers are erecting a wall 1.2 metres high alongside the road. They would have to lift a stretcher over the wall!!

Some of the apartments have had a three-storey apartment block built within a few feet of their properties. This has blocked light and affected television reception.

Last week the developers started to erect the wall at the front of some of the properties. The residents weren’t informed. One lady left the house in the morning, to take her grandson out for the day. When she returned in the afternoon she found that her front gate had been blocked with metal strengthening rods for the wall. She had to climb over the wall to obtain access to the property.

The developers are not doing anything illegal. They have every right to do what they are doing.  But it is immoral and does nothing for the their reputation.

The other question I would ask is this. Why was a search not done by my solicitor when I bought the property? Again the solicitor hasn’t done anything wrong. I’ve found out that solicitors are not required to carry out searches. Again not illegal but certainly immoral and against the spirit of the law. The developers bought the land they are now developing years before I bought my property.

If I had known that the road at the front of my property was going to be sold, I wouldn’t have bought my property.

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