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Petrol thieves on the loose at night

As a visitor to Cyprus for many years I am saddened by the increase in crime in Cyprus.

On this visit I have twice had my car damaged and petrol stolen during the night. It was done in a way which puts the driver in danger by cutting the pipe under the car leading into the petrol tank. I was not aware until I went to refill at a petrol station and as my car was being refilled the petrol poured down under the car causing a serious fire hazard.

On the first occasion I thought the car was faulty. My car was parked in a car park in Pervolia overnight.  I was surprised however when I informed locals and the police about it, only to be told this has happened on many occasions recently in that area, at least a dozen times both to rental and local cars. Visitors should be made aware that this happening so that they will be careful where they park their cars as I do now in a safer lit up location. I hope that your newspaper will highlight this for that reason.

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