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Doctors highlight benefits of robotic surgery

By Evie Andreou

ROBOTIC surgery performs difficult surgical procedures with minimal incisions, fewer risks, minimum hospitalisation and a greater percentage of success according to the Cyprus Robotic Centre (CRC) of the Hippocrateon private hospital.

The centre, which has been performing robotic surgeries since 2008, presented on Monday the new daVinci SI surgical system that offers surgeons 3-D high definition vision with up to ten times more magnification and multi use instruments that facilitate a wide series of procedures.

The CRC’s team of surgeonical experts in gynaecology, urology and general surgery have so far performed more than 650 surgeries, including the first robotic colectomy on the island.

The system has two parts; the tower, which is positioned over the patient during surgery and has the robot’s four arms, three that can hold a variety of different surgical instruments, and one that holds the system’s 3D cameras. The surgery is performed through these arms that follow the surgeon’s hand movements through the console, the system’s second part.

The surgeon sits in the console and operates the robot’s controls while looking into a monitor that allows them ‘to have a magnified, high definition 3-D view of the surgical site’.

During the operation other medical staff or nurses assist the surgeon by changing the surgical instruments on the mechanical arms.

The daVinci SI allows surgeons to perform operations through a single 1.8cm incision through the patient’s bellybutton thus, reducing the risk of complications and keeping blood loss to the minimum. The minimal incision also leaves the patient virtually scar less.

One team member, urological surgeon and andrologist Dr Demetris Demetriou, said that since 2008 more than 600 urology operations have been performed with excellent results. In the last two years, robotic surgery has also been used in gynaecological procedures providing huge benefits, maximal safety and perfect aesthetic results.

Doctors from the centre said the robotic system has a higher success rate treating prostate cancer, urinary problems and benign and malignant diseases of the kidney.

Dr Angelos Sioutas, obstetrician and gynaecological surgeon, said that it is possible with the robotic system to operate on type I and II endometrial cancer, stage I ovary cancer and even to perform surgery during pregnancy in cases of various forms of cancer.

Other conditions that are robotically operable are the uterine prolapse with 90per cent success, endometriosis and even hysterectomies, the surgeons said.

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