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PEO warns of ‘wave of protests’

PEO's Pambos Kyritsis

Left-wing umbrella union PEO on Tuesday announced a wave of anti-austerity protests against the government’s neoliberal policies, union chief Pambos Kyritsis said.

Speaking at the PEO annual conference Kyritsis said protests would be held in the coming months that would culminate in a mass mobilisation in early March next year during a planned meeting on European Central Bank officials in Cyprus.

On December 16 officials from some 20 unions will gather to plan their offensive and manifesto followed by a demonstration outside parliament, which will be discussing the 2015 budget “of recession and austerity”.

This event will be followed early the new year by protests against the planned NHS and the privatisation of semi-government bodies.

“I get angry when we hear the minister of finance or the President of the Republic, arguing publicly with great ease that we are doing well and even better than expected,” said Kyritsis. “It’s going well for those owners whose companies have a strong monopolistic position because they are increasing their profits due to the dramatic reduction in wages.  There is no vision of how we can come out of this economic mire, and the government, while claiming social sensitivity, are in fact fully in line with the troika.”

He called on the finance minister to explain all his talk about budget surpluses while thousands are were still unemployed, thousands had lost their income, interest rates were soaring and banks were not lending.


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