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Into the theatre house we go

By Maria Gregoriou

Finally, the cold is here. Sunbathing is officially over for 2014 and now is the time for hot chocolate, game nights and a trip to the theatre, for adults, for children, or both.

There is theatre for all over the coming days, starting with something for the kids – the interactive The Voices of the Animals (or the Lion Who Could Not Talk). The Windcraft Music Centre, the first centre specialising in wind instrument teaching in Cyprus, will be transformed into a jungle with Tania Malek narrating and singing, Elli Michael on the saxophone and Annini Tsiouti on the piano. The trio will join forces and invite all the children from three to seven-years-old to help them tell the story of how the animals of the forest sang in a concert for the young lion king so he could choose the voice he likes the best. But the young lion can’t easily make a decision because each animal has a very unique voice.

Parents and children can help the lion in this difficult task while listening and getting to know musical instruments and actively taking part in the performance. Make sure you and your children are wearing trainers because you may be doing some dancing so that the music can be felt as well as heard. The kids won’t only have another great story to tell their friends by the end of the day, they will also have experienced music and maybe find that they have a talent that you could help them explore further.

So that’s the kids sorted out for Sunday, but what about the adults? Starting tomorrow and running until Saturday Elena Kallinikou and Marina Makris will pair up to put on a showing of the sarcastic play by Brazilian writer Roberto Athayde, Miss Margarida’s Way.

The girls, who have already performed the play in Athens, Limassol and Nicosia before, will be bringing Athayde’s monologue to life and helping Makarios avenue in Nicosia revive some of its former glory during the pop-up festival that is currently running on the once very busy main street of the capital.

The plot is set in a school classroom. The cast is Miss Margarida, a lovely and twisted school teacher and a male student, who often sits among the audience members. The play is filled with improvisation and joke telling which is inspired by the audience. There are really no two performances that are the same as the audience is always different.

The play was written in 1978, a period during which Brazil was under dictatorship. History being so, the monologue is a political allegory of power, control and dominance as well as a criticism against the system of education, which is named the root of all problems. Miss Margarida somehow does not add to the problem, she rather helps solve it in her own peculiar way. Maybe you can help her with that.

The Voices of Animals (or the Lion Could Not Talk)
Interactive family concert, suitable for children from 3-7. November 30. Windcraft Music Centre, 27 Xanthis Xenierou, Nicosia. 10.30pm. €5. In Greek. Tel 22-37778

Miss Margarida’s Way
Performance of the play by Roberto Athayde by the Enact Theatre. November 27-29. Pop Up shop 125, Ex Bank of Cyprus in Makariou Avenue, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €8. In Greek. Tel: 96-30797


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