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High number feel overqualified for their job

By Angelos Anastasiou

MORE than 60 per cent of EU nationals and over 65 per cent of third country nationals feel overqualified for their current job in Cyprus, the statistical service said on Tuesday.

Roughly half of Cypriot undergraduate-degree holders with a job reported they were overqualified for their current post. For EU citizens employed in Cyprus the number was 62.6 per cent, and the same was true of seven in ten non-EU citizens who hold a university degree and are employed in Cyprus.

Most Cypriots – 77.5 per cent – and EU nationals – 67.6 per cent – said the financial crisis and the ensuing economic contraction were the main obstacles in finding work to match their qualifications, while only 38.6 of third-country nationals reported this as the reason. Of third-country nationals, one in three said employment restrictions due to their nationality or work visa was to blame.

The Cystat survey also revealed Cypriot émigrés return primarily to start a family, while Europeans migrate to Cyprus both to start a family and find work, and non-EU citizens come mostly to seek employment.

Almost three out of four Cypriots born abroad, the survey found, cited family creation as the main driver for returning to their homeland, while 21.5 per cent said they came to find work.

Over one in three EU citizens responded that seeking employment led them to Cyprus, while 33.2 per cent cited family reasons.

A similar pattern emerged from the responses of third-country nationals: three out of four non-EU citizens migrated to Cyprus to find work, while only 15.6 per cent said they came to start a family.

The survey also found that more than four in five repatriated Cypriots reported speaking Greek fluently or very well, which was true for a surprising 46.1 per cent of EU citizens residing in Cyprus. The respective percentage for third-country nationals was less than 10 per cent.

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