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Our View: Nobody buys the myth that all communists are the agents of purity and virtue

AKEL supporters can do no wrong according to party leader Andros Kyprianou

ALL MEMBERS of AKEL are morally irreproachable and incorruptible people, incapable of showing any human weakness. This is the assumption of the party leadership that is making a habit of declaring the innocence of it members implicated in corruption scandals.

When the Dromolaxia scandal broke and police had remand orders issued against AKEL members, party supporters gathered outside the holding cells to show their solidarity and former president Christofias visited them. The party leadership meanwhile maintained the whole affair was a fabrication aimed at hurting AKEL, whose officials had done nothing wrong.

Party chief Andros Kyprianou went as far to say he had evidence to back the claims of a fabrication and would pass this on to police. This was more than a year ago. Since then, party officials were brought to trial for their role in the Dromolaxia case with the court’s verdict expected in two weeks. Kyprianou never handed any of his evidence to the police for an investigation of the conspiracy against the party.

When the arrests were made in connection with the corruption at the Paphos Sewage Board, AKEL said nothing. But when the head of the party’s municipal team was remanded in custody a few days ago and former mayor Savvas Vergas named an AKEL deputy as allegedly being involved in the scandal, the party was outraged. Kyprianou was on radio Monday morning complaining that people were being publicly shamed because the police had released their names. They may have been suspects, but no charges had been brought against them, he argued.

In theory he may have had a point, but was this the issue? The authorities had uncovered the biggest case of public corruption, which involved the theft of millions of euro, and the leader of the second biggest party was only concerned about protecting the reputation of his officials. He did not even bother uttering the usual platitudes about the need to shed light on the case and bring the culprits before justice. His only concern was to protect the reputation of his officials and claim that suspects from other parties had not been named.

Kyprianou does not seem to realise that his ludicrous suggestions that AKEL’s angelic officials were being persecuted by the authorities are viewed as a sick joke. People know that people from all the parties are involved in corruption and nobody buys the myth that all communists are the agents of purity and virtue. And if they were, Kyprianou and his comrades would have been calling for truth to shine, instead of always implying that AKEL suspects were victims of a conspiracy.

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