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Good will toward men

By Maria Gregoriou

Cooking usually brings people together and if the process of getting food ready doesn’t unite us, the process of eating it surely does. This truth is never more so than at Christmas time, but this year some families just don’t have enough to put on a humble Christmas spread, let alone a merry one to enjoy with their loved ones.

So, OLIORINNOVO, a licensed waste management company are putting on four events in Larnaca, Paralimni and Limassol where there will be some cooking contests and other events going on.

The events, which will help support community food banks in all cities which provide needy families with groceries, are designed to also encourage the implementation of recycling projects and energy recovery.

In Larnaca on Friday, in Paralimni on Sunday and in Limassol next Sunday, a number of famous personalities from Cyprus and Greece will be cooking some scrumptious (according to them) pancakes and waffles. Everyone there can get a taste of their culinary creations and play judge for the day, picking which one is the best.

There is no fixed charge for a pancake or waffle, and no one will try to bribe you to pick theirs as the winning dish, but you are asked to give an amount that you think is suitable to support the community food banks, and remember, you are helping people who really need it at a time when there is normally goodwill to all men.

That is not all, you can bring your used cooking oil from home and watch as it is poured into a specially constructed oil recycling collection machine. Everyone who brings in used oil and pours it into the machine will help collect 25 cents to also help the community food banks.

This really is an amalgamation of events and good deeds as you get to meet some celebrities, judge their food, get fed, help some families at Christmas that really need it, and also help the environment.

Cooking Contest
Judge the cooking of celebrities from Cyprus and Greece to support community food banks. December 19. Kimonos Square, Larnaca. 3pm-5pm. Tel: 96-335679

December 21. Saint George Square, Paralimni. 4pm-6pm. Tel: 96-335679

December 28. Medieval Castle Square, Limassol. 4pm-6pm. Tel: 96-335679

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