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Cypriots continue to feel pessimistic about EU, says Eurobarometer

The biggest concern for Cypriots is unemployment

By Evie Andreou

CYPRIOTS feel pessimistic when it comes to their future, the economy, unemployment and the EU, according to the latest results of the Europe-wide Eurobarometer.

The survey showed that the leading concern of all the Europeans is the economic situation, followed by unemployment, their state’s finances and immigration.
“The most significant increase has been observed as regards fears of terrorism, which is the fifth most important concern,” the report said.

The main concerns of the Cypriots are by far unemployment with 79 per cent, while 68 per cent mentioned the economic situation and 10 per cent said it was the high level of the government debt.

When it comes to the state of the national economy, only 7 per cent said they feel that it is good, slightly less than the French where 9 per cent are positive about the economy and less pessimistic than the Greeks where only 2 per cent feel good about their own economy.

The pessimistic trio remains the same, this time with Cyprus in the lead with 65 per cent saying that the worst is yet to come, followed by France at 63 per cent, and Greece with 61 per cent.

And the negativity continues as more than half of Cypriots surveyed said they feel pessimistic about the future of the EU, following the Greeks where six out of ten feel that way and Italy is third with 47 per cent. The Irish are the most optimistic about the future of the EU.

Almost eight out of ten Cypriots believe that their voice is not heard in the EU placing them at the top of this list, while almost four out of ten say they feel negatively about the EU, followed by Austria with 36 per cent, while Greeks are first with 44 per cent.

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