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Bettering ourselves

By Maria Gregoriou

Most of us have made a list of things to do this year to improve ourselves, whether it’s to have a fitter body, to expand our knowledge or to take more time for ourselves, doing things we like. Although the list may be stuck in the inside cover of a very fresh diary, we can still add to it and find more to do as the year goes by. So here are two events that may help you, or someone close to you, add a new personal experience to their 2015 list.

The first is a workshop entitled Inside the Sexual World organised by the Youth for Exchange & Understanding non-governmental organisation (YEU Cyprus). With this workshop and other events the organisation aims at giving young people a better understanding of the world.

As the talk about the birds and the bees is never an easy one, and as the world is now one where sexual identity is something which often needs to be identified, and may be confusing to young minds, the workshop is ideal for providing young people with information about sex.

The workshop will be given in a laid back environment by YEU Cyprus volunteers who will expose the myths of romantic love and provide information about how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. This information, along with discussions about alternative sexual practices, sexual diversity and human rights in the sexual context, will also be part of the workshop and may be given in the form of role-play games and stories.

The workshop, which will be delivered in English, is aimed at young people but it can also be attended by educators and anyone interested in the topic. Certificates of attendance will be given after the workshop but a limited number of places are being offered.

On January 21 the workshop will be followed by an 8pm screening of the 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry, about female-born Teena Brandon who adopts his male identity of Brandon Teena and attempts to find himself and love in Nebraska.

If feeding your mind is something that will be taking a back seat this year, and getting your body into shape is what you are aiming for, then Technopolis 20 Cultural Centre in Paphos will be hosting three free dance seminars by Nandia Georgiadoum, founder of the Motion Through Space dance school in Paphos, for different ages and levels throughout the month.

The first dance seminar, which will take place on Tuesday, is suitable for people from 25 to 70 and it will use practices from Nia, a sensory-based movement practice. The philosophy behind Nia is that through movement we find health and that exercising should be an action that makes you feel good.

The second dance seminar, on Thursday, will be on modern dance and is suitable for people from 14 to 17. By learning dance, teenagers can exceed their known boundaries, express themselves, and get to know themselves and their body.

The last dance seminar on next Saturday is for children from six to nine years old, and it is a creative dance class. These dance classes will enable children to improvise and express themselves using their imagination to create their own choreography.

Inside the Sexual World Workshop
A Non-Formal Education workshop on sexuality, diversity, health and rights. January 17. YEU Cyprus, 27 Ezekia Papaioannou, Nicosia. 10.30am-6.30pm. Tel: 99-573646. E-mail: [email protected]

Free Dance Seminars
A dance seminar with Nandia Georgiadou for people from 25 to 70. January 13. Technopolis 20, Paphos. 6pm-7pm. In Greek and English. Tel: 70-002420

Contemporary dance seminar with Nandia Georgiadou for people from 14 to 17. January 15.

Creative dance seminar with Nandia Georgiadou for kids from six to nine years old. January 17.

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