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By Maria Gregoriou

Ahhh it is the start of the year. That only time in the year when we can vow to have new beginnings, to take up a hobby, to get our kids involved, to… well, really do everything we have been saying we would do all last year but just didn’t manage to do.

You could do lots of things and we are sure that some of you have already started on your quest to concur the year ahead, but for those of you who are still looking, The Home for Cooperation in Nicosia has a few activities and workshops to get us all involved.

First up is djembe classes for kids. After the Home for Cooperation offered the class for grown-ups and had a great response, they are now offering the class on a weekly basis, every Monday as of this Monday at 6pm.

If your children love to make some noise on your kitchen pots and pans, these classes will help them learn all about playing the djembe, about drumming in general, techniques, styles, and rhythms.

But it is not all about the motion of hitting the drum and the sounds it makes, all those involved will improve their listening skills and develop multitasking abilities, improve the way they work in a team, their ability to focus, their short term memory and their left and right hand coordination. Children will also develop confidence while discovering the world of improvisation.

If your children would rather hit their feet on the ground to the rhythm then as of Wednesday at 3.30pm, the Home for Cooperation will be offering weekly dance fitness classes for youths.

The one hour class, taught by fitness instructor and dancer, Dervish Zeybek, will give young people a work out by using certain fitness exercises and multiple dance moves. This combination of fitness and dance will give all involved a boost of energy, a natural high and a chance to meet other people while getting involved in something sporty.

Now we have sorted the kids and young people out, the next activity on offer is for all of us. As of Saturday the organisation will be offering weekly photography workshops at 11am.

The workshop will be run by a software engineer and photographer who has been activity involved in the Old Nicosia Revealed initiative (an initiative for everyone to take photos of the old city of Nicosia and preserve its beauty) for the past three years by photographing, documenting and sharing his knowledge on photography.

The workshop is designed for the beginner photographer with a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) who is fed-up with using auto and wants to take control. Having a DSLR is highly recommended for this course but not necessary. The workshop will include expeditions and field trips.

Djembe Classes
Classes for kids. Every Monday. Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. 6pm. Free. Tel: 22-445740

Dance Fitness Classes for Youths
Fitness and dance classes for young people. Every Wednesday. Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. 3.20pm. Free. Tel: 22-445740

Photography Workshops
Workshops for photographers with a DSLR camera. Every Saturday. Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. 11am. Free. Tel: 22-445740

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