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Doctors to make final decision on strike by Monday

By Evie Andreou

State doctors’ union PASYKI will decide on Monday whether they will proceed with their announced strike on Wednesday, the union’s deputy Dr Lia Vounou said on Friday.

If the union, which has been threatening to strike and then postponing measures all through last year, accepts Health Minister Philippos Patsalis’ proposals however, they will have to forego any new strike measures until July under the deal.

The union announced last week their intention to go on a 24-hour strike on Wednesday because their demands concerning overtime pay, unfreezing of hospital administrator posts and better working conditions for contract doctors, were not met before the end of 2014, as promised by Patsalis.

Patsalis, who met with them on Friday offered solutions to their problems but said as a precondition that they must refrain from announcing further strike measures for the foreseeable future.

“A precondition for the application of the proposal is the suspension of all strike measures the state doctors have announced for next Wednesday or new measures from PASYKI until the … hospital autonomy is effected in July 2015” the ministry announced after the meeting.

PASYKI, said later in the day that the minster’s proposals had only arrived after union working hours so they would put off a final decision until Monday.
According to Patsalis’ proposals his ministry will agree to the immediate implementation of the new system for state doctors’ overtime pay drawn by Deloitte, the review of the contracts of newly-hired doctors and for the inclusion of provisions that will secure better working conditions, as well as for the support of the motion to unfreeze 56 hospital administrator posts.

The ministry is to discuss the unfreezing with the House budget committee on Monday. “The proposal gives solution to the specific problems of state doctors until permanent solutions are given with the restructuring and autonomy of hospitals,” the ministry said.

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