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Our View: Nobody is being protected by this publicity stunt of a law

THE FORECLOSURE theatre, the latest episode of which was staged at the legislature on Thursday, showed once again that the main concern of the political parties is grandstanding, which is cynically aimed at fooling people. There was no other explanation for the decision of the parties – with the notable exception of DISY – to uphold the bill which was referred back to the House by President Anastasiades who had refused to sign it.

The bill, aimed at suspending the implementation of the foreclosures law, which had been approved by the House last September but has still to be put into force because the necessary regulations are not ready, was nothing more than an exercise in futility. It has zero practical import as it would prevent the implementation of a law that cannot be implemented. And to add to the absurdity, it will be in force for just two weeks as the suspension of the foreclosure law would be until the end of January.

In other words, the political parties would, farcically, be protecting primary residences from foreclosures for a fortnight. Who are the deputies of AKEL, DIKO and EDEK kidding? No foreclosure could take place in the space of two weeks, even if the regulations that made this possible were in place; the exchange of letters between the bank and borrower would not have taken place in this time. Nobody is being protected by this publicity stunt of a law.

The best deputies could say in defence of their show-boating was that it sent out a message that the parties would not give in to the diktats of the troika but this was not strictly true, because from February 1 the foreclosures law would be in force. All this childish show-boating achieved was to show the international lenders that our political parties consider deception fair game – they passed the suspension law after €350 million of aid had been released. The IMF however has withheld €85m because of the law.

The parties fooled the troika so they could subsequently fool citizens, who have gained absolutely nothing from what happened. If they devoted as much time on meaningful, substantive work as they do on vacuous publicity stunts the country would not be in the mess it is today; nor would incomplete or unconstitutional laws be routinely approved. This would be the real way of protecting citizens, but it involves working, which is much more difficult and taxing than vacuous rhetoric and stands on non-issues.

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