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A minute with Andreas Kyriacou Film Director

Where do you live?
Nicosia with my wife and two little devils

Best childhood memory?
Waiting in the biggest cinema queue ever in Cyprus to watch Terminator 2 with my parents @ Zena Palace, premiere night (1992)

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish? What food would you really turn your nose up to?
Goodburger in Aglantzia, Nicosia. Favorite dish: any well-done burger (with peanut butter)! Hateful dish: Anything with olives.

What did you have for breakfast?
Taschinopita (Tachini-pie?).

Would you class yourself as a day or night person? What’s your idea of the perfect night/day out?
I am a night person, no wonder I love ‘hiding’ in cinema theatres during the day time.

Best book ever read?
Lot’s of books I love but the one that I always return to is Dune by Frank Herbert. It has everything I enjoy in a novel: epic adventure, wild imagination and a world so detailed it has to be real.

Favourite film of all time?
Rule number one: Never ask a film director his favorite film, you will always get a different answer. Today I will go with Blade Runner because the current weather reminds me of the rainy, neon infused dystopian LA.

Best holiday ever taken? What’s your dream trip?
Best holiday ever taken is definitely that first Christmas spent in London. I remember how ‘magical’ the streets felt, the lights and mood straight out of a Dickens novel. My Dream ‘road’ Trip is driving via ROUTE-66 and discovering ‘real’ America.

What music are you listening to in the car at the moment?
CANNED HEAT-On The Road Again

What is always in your fridge?
Ketchup, because it goes with ‘almost’ everything!

Dream house: rural retreat or urban dwelling? Where would it be, what would it be like?
Urban Dwelling with an internal garden. Just outside the centre of the city with an attic large enough to make into the perfect man-geek-cave with a home cinema, video game arcade cabinet and pool.

If you could pick anyone at all (alive or dead) to go out for the evening with, who would it be?
Orson Welles, because I am sure we shared the same love of burgers…

If the world is ending in 24 hours what would you do?
Watch 2001: A Space Odyssey one last time, eat a good peanut butter burger and spend the remaining time with my family and closest friends.

What is your greatest fear?
The world ending…

Tell me a joke…
Q: Where do burgers like to dance?
A: At a meat ball!

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