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Come away with us

By Maria Gregoriou

They say that children are our future – teach them well and let them lead the way, as the song goes, so it is only right that we should be the ones feeding their imaginations and allowing their natural talents to shine.

But if you are a busy parent, or someone who wants to introduce a niece, nephew, or godchild to the world of music, story-telling, dance and the theatre, then read on (and if you are not, read on anyway, for we all have an inner child who likes to have fun.)

First up we go through the tunnel on the highway and find ourselves in Paphos where Technopolis 20 cultural centre will be hosting two events on Saturday.

Get the kids involved in some fairytale narration and a handicraft workshop under the name Once Upon a Time (very apt) with author Nayia Panayiotou.

The children’s book author will be introducing children and grown-ups alike to Wendy and her adventures from the book A Harp Seal Named Wendy.

The baby seal is afraid of swimming (strange for a seal, we know) and uses excuses for not getting into the water like ‘the sea is so wild’ or ‘the waves touch the sky.’ But, as the story goes on and Wendy gains more and more self confidence, the real story behind the story comes full-circle: that of the inner journey the seal takes to overcome her fear.

After reading from the story, which will begin at 3pm, Panayiotou (who by day is a statistician), will lead a workshop during which the children can create mini stand-up seals.

The story will be told in English and at the same time, it will be projected in Greek.

After a nice afternoon of story-telling, the cultural centre will host a concert by the newly formed Duo Synechisi.

The concert will showcase the talents of two young musicians who have recently graduated from the School of Arts and Education Sciences at the European University.

On Sunday the scene is set a little bit differently. First of all we move to the capital and to the Strovolos Municipal Theatre and we enter the world of dance. And not just any dance, mind you, but one which will put a very tip-tap feel on the very-well known book for children, The Adventures of Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie.

The Dancehouse Lefkosia will be in charge of bringing to life the story of the boy who never wanted to grow up, how he lost his shadow, how Wendy (funny that, two Wendys in one article) sewed it back on for him.

There will be two performances on the day, one at 4pm and one at 7pm. So if you believe in fairies (if your children believe in fairies, we hasten to add), and if a pirate with a hook as a hand in a place called Never Land sounds just about right for a place to visit on Sunday, then get a sprinkle of fairy dust and you are on your way.

Once Upon a Time
Reading of the book by Nayia Panayiotou, followed by a handicraft workshop. January 31. Technopolis 20, Paphos. 3pm. Free. In English. Tel: 70-002420

Duo Synechisis
Concert for flute and violin. January 31. Technopois 20, 18 Nikolaou Nikolaidi Avenue, Paphos. 8.30pm. €8/5. Tel: 70-002420

The Adventures of Peter Pan
A performance by Dance Works. February 1. Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. 4pm. Tel: 22-470470

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