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Police warn of fake €20 notes

High quality counterfeit €20 bills have been passing around in the Nicosia and Limassol districts, police said, urging the public to be extra careful when dealing with cash.

According to police, most of the counterfeit bills are marked with the serial numbers V25888032140 and Τ55501929854.

Police advise the public to swipe bills through counterfeit currency detection gadgets –where such a gadget is available – or compare the suspect bill with one of equal value.

Euro notes have a number of safety features to discourage counterfeiters. The notes have a ‘raised’ print feature that is distinguishable by touch. Also, the initials of the European Central Bank, the value numerals and the motifs of windows and gateways will feel rough to the touch.

Also holding up the bill to the light reveals a watermark and a security thread. The features can be seen from the front and the reverse side of genuine banknotes.

Tilting notes reveals a hologram foil patch on the front and on the back. The tilting reveals either an iridescent stripe or the colour-shifting ink.
Police request that anyone who comes across a counterfeit bill notify the authorities by calling the toll free line 1460.

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