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Tales from the Coffeeshop: Trotskyites, Maoists and other Marxist loonies

A group of protesters gathered on Wednesday night outside EU House in support of Greece

By Patroclos

THE OPPOSITION chorus was in perfect harmony as it urged the government to support Greece’s attempt to change the terms of its bailout agreement at last Wednesday’s meeting of the eurozone finance ministers. Nik’s government had an obligation to back Greece all the members of the chorus kept trumpeting ahead of the meeting.

Some expressed this view through fiery public statement, some issued written announcements, and others did both. The most original member of the chorus, Yiorkos Lillikas sent a private letter to Prez Nik (that he gave to Sigmalive to publish) urging him to tell his finance minister to back Greece’s position at the meeting “robustly and dynamically”, as he feared the naughty Harris might have sided with the Krauts.

It was another example of the opposition parties laying on some poor quality theatre for the masses, fooling them into thinking that Kyproulla is an important player at the Eurogroup that could influence decisions. If Harris followed Lillikas’ patriotic instructions and backed Greece’s demands it would have made no difference as the number of countries of the 19-member group that Kyproulla influences is a big zero.

So even if Harris took a can of petrol into the Eurogroup meeting and threatened to set himself alight if Greece’s demands were not met, it would have made no difference. His colleagues’ reaction would have been to offer him matches.


WHO WOULD have thought that leading the ‘support Greece at all costs’ chorus would be the traditional Greece-hating commies of AKEL? Suddenly Akelites, who in the past never passed an opportunity to disparage and belittle Greece and Greeks, have become the island’s most fanatical philhellenes.

Now there is a government in Greece made up of Trotskyites, Maoists and other Marxist loonies opposed to the bailout, AKEL has become concerned about the suffering of the Greek people and is demanding that our government shows full solidarity.

It is surprising that our commies have become so nationalistic, despite the fact that the party, which is most close them ideologically – the Stalinist, KKE – is not part of the Tsipras government. It has ended up aligning itself with people that do not embrace Marxist orthodoxy, but for the sake of its beloved mother Greece, it was willing to put aside its ideological disagreements with Syriza.

AKEL’s love affair with Greece has reached such a level of blind passion that its members have been accusing Nik of ignoring Tspiras’ calls for support. But the most venomous attack was reserved for the leader of traditionally pro-Greece DISY, Averof.

The liar-in-chief of the Tof government, Stef-Stef wrote this week: “At the time Greece is in battle with her lenders, Averof Neophytou criticises the Greek government and supports her lenders.” This is quite outrageous and Averof deserves to be black-listed by the commies as an enemy of Hellenism.


I DO NOT know why our politicos are so keen to support Greece, considering the complete lack of support we had from Athens, back in 2013 when the Eurogroup decided to give our bank deposits a short back and sides.

Before that meeting the Tof government had tried to persuade Greece to give our struggling banks a couple of the €40 billion the country had been given by the EU for the Greek banks, especially as Cypriot banks were operating in the mainland. The answer was ‘no’.

And just before the haircut decision, the operations of the Cypriot banks in Greece were sold to Piraeus Bank for a fourth of their value. The then governor of Greece’s central bank wanted to help us so much, that he did not allow a second Greek bank, which had expressed an interest in buying, to enter the bidding thus keeping the sale price as low as possible.

Should I also mention the billions of euro that the Cyprus Central Bank borrowed for Laiki and went towards propping up Vgenopoulos’ bank in Greece, while the debt stayed in Kyproulla and was generously passed on to the B of C?

Our government could give no support to Greece at tomorrow’s Eurogroup meeting, but it would still be a lot more help than Greece offered us when we were in the merde, as it would not be on the minus side.


SOME of the clever hacks wanting to help, suggested that Tsipras appealed to Mother Russia for assistance. The thinking was that the generous President Putin would help Greece just like he helped Kyproulla back in 2013 when we were begging him for money and sent the then finance minister on a pointless trip to Moscow. If the Greek government wanted financial assistance it should apply for it said Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, which sounded positive. But this was what Kyproulla was asked to do two years ago, when we were desperately looking for money, but is still waiting for a reply.


SPEAKING of Mother Russia, her zealots on the island have been talking up Prez Nik’s planned visit in 10 days’ time, with many suggesting that some important defence agreement would be signed. Even Nik joined the fun, avoiding making it clear to Tass news agency, in an interview he gave, that the agreement was of no consequence.

Foreign minister Ioannis Kasoulides was forced to put the record straight the following day, explaining the deal would relate to maintenance of military equipment and the purchase of spare parts for equipment used by the National Guard. There was no question of offering facilities for military purposes he said, adding that Moscow had never asked for any.

So who had stirred all the fuss about this non-issue? Lillikas, Russia’s chief salesman, had been advocating the granting of military facilities, while the equally zealous Phil had been running one story after the other about the defence agreement.

Russia’s ambassador Stanislav Osadchiy had encouraged his local salesman. When asked last month if Russia would be interested in being granted access to military facilities, he said: “Moscow is certainly interested and we are discussing this issue.” On the same day Lillikas made his sales pitch about “offering Russia the facilities it requires in the region.”

So was Kasoulides being economical with truth when he said that Moscow had never asked for any military facilities?


NOBODY knows who is telling the truth. A few days after Kasoulides’ comments, Tass News Agency carried a report featuring interviews with Russian strategic analysts, who said there was no issue of Russian bases in Kyproulla. Western powers would never allow such a move and the cost of setting up bases would be very high said Konstanin Sivkov.

General Pavel Zolotaryiov also noted that Russia should be very careful because of its relations with Turkey, which “is very jealous of Cyprus.” It is good to know that one of the reasons Russia has declined Lillikas’ offer of bases in Kyproulla was in order not to make the spoilt Turks jealous.


BUT EVEN if Moscow has snubbed our kind offer of bases, Phil which has always been the biggest, non-AKEL champion of the Soviet Union and subsequently Russia, found another way Moscow could help us.

On Monday it reported that prez Nik, according to reliable sources, would seek a more active involvement of Mother Russia in the Cyprob. He would bring this up in his talks with President Putin, whom he would ask for a more active involvement at the UN Security Council, in order to counter the devious designs of the Anglo-Americans, the paper said.

As Russia had never practically supported the efforts to find a settlement we can only assume that Nik would see Moscow’s active involvement in the Cyprob as a safeguard against any real progress being made. After the 2004 referendum the late Ethnarch secured the active involvement of Russia and China in the Cyprob to ensure against any progress being made.


“GREECE is here,” declared the new Greek defence minister Panos Kammenos, who also happens to be the leader of the Independent Greeks the junior coalition partner in the Tsipras government. Kammenos went through all the poetic clichés Greek defence ministers utter, when they visit our long-suffering island, and which are too boring to repeat here.

However, in a private meeting with our own defence minister Christoforos Fokaides and General Staff chiefs, he proposed the purchase of fighter jets to bolster our defence. Surely this would not be necessary, given that a few hours earlier, during a news conference, Kammenos assured us that the “defensive shield of Hellenism” covered Cyprus.

As the Turks might not like the idea of the fighters being stationed in Kyproulla, he offered to have them stationed in Crete. They can be kept in their boxes, stacked alongside the boxes of estragosha (S-300) missiles that also ended up in Crete.


COME to think of it, now that we have no money should we not have tried to find a buyer for the estragoshas as we are never going to use them? There must be plenty of Islamist terrorist organisations willing to pay hard currency for them. And if the Yanks do not want us to arm the terrorists, maybe they can buy them. We could give a 70 per cent discount and still make 100 million which we could use to give pay rises to our public parasites who have not had a pay rise for two years.


MEMORIAL services are big news on the Sunday evening TV news shows, usually because these are held for national heroes or former presidents and some political big-wig makes speech that is deemed worthy of reporting.

But the memorial service covered on last Sunday’s CyBC TV news did not satisfy any of these criteria. It was for the employees, chairmen and directors of the CyBC that had passed away (neither heroes nor former presidents) and the main speech was not given by a big-wig, but by the corporation’s retired news boss Yiannis Kareklas, who informed us that honouring dead colleagues had become an annual fixture.

It made me wonder whether the annual memorial service was part of some collective agreement negotiated by the CyBC unions, as was the obligation to send a camera crew to cover it and feature this non-story on the TV news. Archbishop Chrysostomos conducted the service. Is there an annual memorial service for Cyta employees as well?


YOU HAD to laugh hearing secondary school-kids complaining because the education ministry “did not study our proposals or invite us to a dialogue.” They held a one-hour boycott of classes on Wednesday to protest about this outrageous snub.

In a statement issued by their organisation PSEM, the 15-year-olds complained because at their meeting with the education minister, they were told that their demands could not be implemented. That the minister had actually wasted his time to meet a bunch of teenagers that think they should have say in education matters, is democracy gone mad.

What next? Should Nik invite a PSEM representative to the National Council as well? This might not be such a bad idea as the kids’ thinking could be more mature than most of the party leaders.

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