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May 20, 2019
Cyprus Mail

Biggest offence by taxi drivers is switching off meters

Not using the meter and not dressing appropriately were among the reasons taxi drivers were fined, according to the Transport Licensing Authority, which released details of offences on Tuesday.

The biggest number related to non-use of the taxi meter, which accounted for 17 cases. In one case a driver was fined €500. In eight cases they were fined €300, one was fined €200, four were fined €100, two €50 and one was issued a written reprimand.

One taxi driver was given a reprimand for not posting his rates, one was fined €50 for covering his meter, another €50 for wearing inappropriate clothing and yet another for ‘misbehaviour’.

In three cases drivers were carrying more than five passengers, one of whom was fined €50 and the other two reprimanded.

Another was fined €200 for an expired licence while one driver was fined €600 for using his private vehicle as a taxi.

In one instance a driver was reprimanded for using a neon sign with the word TAKSI instead of TAXI. There was no indication whether the latter was a Turkish Cypriot driver or if a Greek Cypriot was using the wrong signage.

In all, penalties were handed out to 27 drivers. The Licensing Authority has the power to act as a disciplinary body and a quasi-criminal court under a law passed in 2011.

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