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‘Patates’ set to leave CyBC over humourless politician  

By Constantinos Psillides

Celebrated comedy-satire show ‘Patates Antinaxtes’ looks set to leave state broadcaster CyBC next year for another TV station, following attempts at censorship, according to a statement issued on Friday.

The statement, signed ‘The Free Voice of ‘Patates Antinaxtes’, claims that the CyBC board threatened one of the show’s producers –Alexia Moutafidou – warning her that if they kept making fun of a certain politician she might end up fired.

Moutafidou has been removed from the show’s production, which will change its format from March 1. The show, which scored high ratings over the past 10 years, has been mainly been built around skits, fake news and outtakes of political statements made on camera. The main focus was satirising politicians and commenting on contemporary issues.

The statement claims that one of the accusations hurled the show’s producers by the board was that it “offends the intelligence of viewers by employing curse words”.

The ‘Free Voice’ had a different take. “For the last four months our show has been the target of a ruthless underground war, originating from CyBC management and members of the board. We believe that their goal is for the show to be shut down, as they are acting on behalf of a certain political figure who perceives that the satire aimed at him as hurting his image,” said the statement, without naming the politician.

The politician is also described as “very influential”. The statement concludes that the series will leave CyBC next year and enter talks with a different broadcaster. ANT1 Cyprus appears to be the favourite, since the show has high ratings and the production clout to back it up. Koumides Productions, is also responsible for ‘First Drop’, a popular dramedy (comedy drama) broadcast by ANT1.



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