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13 dogs killed in ‘inhuman’ way (updated)

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British bases police (SBA) are investigating the killing of 13 dogs belonging to a single owner in the Famagusta area, it emerged on Friday.

The killing was reported by the owner who told SBA police in Dhekelia that his dogs, located at his farm in Dasaki Akhnas, had been killed between Thursday afternoon and 8.30am on Friday.

The animals — of various breeds — were killed in an “inhuman” way a police source said. But the perpetrator or perpetrators had not used a firearm, the source added without elaborating.

The Animal Party said later that the dogs had been killed using a special tool used in slaughterhouses. It is understood that the party was referring to a captive bolt pistol, used to stun animals before slaughter.

“In this case the murderers simply used it to kill the dogs,” the party said.

The party said it had contacted the owner who was angry and very sad.

“He told us that he could quarrel with his wife but he would never get angry with his beloved dogs and would never hurt them,” the party said.

SBA police have no suspects so far.

The dogs are said to be worth around €30,000.

The man had been the target of a similar attack in the past, losing one dog at the time.

The incident is the latest in a string of animal killings in the past few months the party said.

It urged the state to “take drastic measures because it is now a social problem that may have to be dealt with by sociologists and psychologists.”

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