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It’s your fault I’m dead

Driving from Peyia to Polis I came around a bend on a country road to be met by about twelve lycra-clad pedal cyclists, pedalling uphill they were travelling in my direction, slightly faster than walking pace.  They were several abreast and riding up to the centre line.

Fortunately I wasn’t going fast and was able to brake and fall in behind until we cleared the bend.  But at this point I was concerned that I could be rear-ended by another vehicle.  The inconsiderate cyclists were either unaware or more likely indifferent to other road users.

The Cyprus Highway Code (yes we have one) advises that in such areas the cyclists ride single file.  Although failure to comply with the Code is not itself an offence, it can be used in court to establish negligence.  Further it is the duty of every road user to be responsible for his own, and then the safety of others with whom he comes into contact.

Once past this group, at the front were two cyclists abreast, taking up much of the road, I gave a short horn warning as to my presence and passed them on the offside of the road, only to be rewarded with hand gestures from the outside rider. The Highway Code also say you should keep both hands on the handlebars, but it was obvious that no one in this group could read.

So OK he was ‘well hard’ and can take the full weight of a Land Rover being driven over him.  No doubt had there been an accident the cyclists, most likely uninsured, would be looking to my insurance company for compensation, no thought of their contribution to the events taking place.

I understand the need to be social, so ride to a tavern where you can sit around being as social as you like, but please not on the roads,  and particularly in dangerous areas where it is crass to expect others to look out for your welfare.

Had I damaged my vehicle I would have been looking to the legless rider for compensation to my vehicle and damages for the mental torture of watching him roll around in agony.  No doubt he would sit up and say “It’s your fault I’m dead”, and much good it would have done him.



Peter G Davis,Droushia

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