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So much for no more SAPA scandals

This is an open letter to the new Mayor of Paphos, Mr Phedonas Phedonos, who in his opening addresses to the Cypriot newspapers vowed to “clean up the scandal-hit municipality of Paphos”, and it concerns the refund of payments naively made to the Sewerage Board of Paphos (SAPA) by Pegeia and Tala residents, for a sewerage facility we have not got, and are unlikely to get in the foreseeable future.  Mr Phedonos is now also the new President/Chairman of SAPA.

Since August of last year my wife and I have been unsuccessfully trying to have our 2013 payment to SAPA refunded, as it was first reported in the Cyprus Mail of July 5, 2014 that repayments would be made.

We have had several very unhelpful correspondences with SAPA, through Mr Theodorou, signing for General Manager, Mr Malekides, who it is well known is now in jail for fraud and corruption.

Since then, there have been a number of articles in Cypriot newspapers, all of which state that SAPA will repay charges already received – this amounting to some €35,000.  The latest notifications came in the Sunday Mail  and reports “a letter from the ministry of interior confirms the decision that Pegeia  and Tala are to remain in SAPA, with a five-year freeze on paying taxes and that taxes paid in 2013 – and 2014 for some – would be returned.  The report said SAPA would hold their board meeting shortly to approve this. “Once this happens, we hope money will be returned fairly quickly”, they were quoted as saying.

That board meeting has now been held, and we have been told by the SAPA office in Kyneras Street that you, Mr Mayor, have categorically stated that there will be no refunds.

How you can ignore the ministry of interior, ignore the fact that these payments have been, if not illegally, but at the least dishonestly and morally wrongly obtained, and deny repayment, beggars belief.  This money is not yours, it is not SAPA’s – it belongs to the law abiding people who initially paid under false pretences.  If you are hell-bent on stopping corruption/ scandal/ dishonesty, do the honourable thing now and repay monies owing immediately.

Pegeia Residents

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