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A festival of movie magic

By Maria Gregoriou

The tenth Francophonie film festival will be dazzling the screens of the CineStudio in Nicosia, the TEPAK university in Limassol and at the House of Arts and Literature in Larnaca with an array of films April 3.

The films to be screened will be mostly French with Greek or English subtitles, with exceptions of one Arabic film with English subtitles, one Romanian film with English subtitles, and the Greek-Cypriot film Block 12 with French subtitles.

There is lots of see and different emotions to be explored with each different screening. You can find the full list of films to be screened at

But some of the highlights follow.

The first film to be screened in Nicosia – tomorrow at 8pm – is French biographical drama Yves Saint Laurent with Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne.

The Arabic film to be screened in Nicosia on March 16 is the drama Chaos and Disorder directed by Nadien Khan. This is the story of lost love in a controversial setting. Manal, Zaki and Mounir are in their twenties, living in a confined community where basic needs are met yet chaos and disorder brew.

The two boys are in love with the same girl who finds herself being the bet for a football match between them, the winner getting to marry her.

Chaos and Disorder will be screened at 9pm, with English subtitles.

Larnaca will host three films, including Les Garcons et Guillaume (Me, Myself and Mum) on Monday at 7pm with English subtitles.

The film (which obviously has to do with a mother child relationship) concentrates on middle-class Mrs Gallienne who has three children, two of whom she considers as her sons and another she calls Guillaume.

Through a series of painful experiences, Guillaume discovers who he actually is and manages to free himself from his mother’s spiteful ways.

In Limassol today will be the French film Free Tango at 8pm with Greek subtitles.

Music and dance frequently bring people together and in this case, dance unites a prison guard with a woman (whose husband just happens to be locked-up in the same prison where the tango dancer is a guard) at his weekly tango class.

The two also meet at the prison and tango seems to be everywhere.

The film festival is organised by the Institut Français de Chypre and the Association of Friends of Cinema in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the embassies of Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Egypt and Romania.

Francophonie 2015, 10th Films Festival

Screening of a number of films. Until April 3. CineStudio, University of Nicosia, TEPAK University, Limassol, and The House of Arts and Literature, Larnaca. 9pm and 8pm on Sundays. Free. Different languages and subtitles. Tel: 22-459333

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