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CMP apologies over missing person’s remains mix-up

Red Cross forensic anthropologist experts José Luis Prieto (left) and William Goodwin

THE Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) apologised on Thursday to the family of Giorgos Foris, a missing person from the 1974 war whose remains were recently returned by the CMP to his relatives, with a number of small bones being incorrectly associated with him.

The case had been reported by the family of Fori, 55 at the time, who carried out their own genetic tests after doubts were raised over the number of fillings in his teeth.

The family said the remains were tested by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, which determined that apart from Fori, they also included bones from three other individuals.

The jaw bone, however, did belong to Fori.

The CMP responded by asking two independent experts, recommended by the International Committee of the Red Cross, to examine the case and review the CMP’s Standard Operating Procedures.
On Thursday, the experts Dr. William Goodwin, a geneticist from the UK, and Dr. José Luis Prieto, a forensic anthropologist from Spain, shared their preliminary findings with the Foris family and the CMP.
According to a CMP announcement, “the experts have confirmed that Mr. Foris was correctly identified.”
At the same time, “they have also determined that, despite the CMP’s best efforts, a number of small bones were incorrectly associated to the remains of Mr. Foris.”
The CMP notes that the independent experts’ conclusions “confirm the reliability of the identifications carried out by the CMP, all of which are based on DNA analysis.”
The experts will send a full report to the family and the CMP by next week.

Foris’ remains were found in a well at Ornithi, near the village of Ashia in the north, along with those of 37 other individuals listed as missing.

He was last seen on August 21, 1974, a month after the Turkish invasion, at the Pavlides Garage in the Turkish quarter of Nicosia where he was held captive.

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