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Put on your dancing Platform shoes

By Maria Gregoriou

All of you who love to dance (but also love to watch other dancers stomp the stage) presumably already know that the 15th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform event is set to bring performances by 15 dance groups to the Rialto theatre stage in Limassol for three days, as of tomorrow.

But it seems that the event is even bigger than the stage at the Rialto can accommodate, which is why the weekend calls for a few parallel events at the Dance House Lemesos before and after the main event’s performances.

Before tap-dancing into each performance separately, we thought you should know that what will be on show are performances which have been presented in 2014 in Cyprus or abroad, and now have the chance to be viewed by the Platform audience. There will also be a roundtable discussion for artists and international guests, a master class for professionals by Marie Brolin-Tani and a closing party…and this is all free, to boot.

So let’s introduce the performances and get to know a little bit about what concepts are behind what we will see in all its dancing action.

Saturday brings two dance performances. Evi Demetriou will perform Double Days at 6pm and Anneesha Michael will perform Quest at 6.50pm.

The concept and choreography for Double Days was drawn from Demetriou’s sociological research and reflection on the female identity in contemporary society, while also focusing on the small and everyday realities around us.

Dancers Milena Ugren Koulas and Rania Glymitsa will team up to use movement and speech to take the audience on a journey across the individual and social landscape. Along with humour and a confessional mood, the piece seeks to expand the boundaries around the idea of what a dance and audience performance should be like.

Quest is a performance based on what happens in Indian tribes to members during their adolescence. Every teenager must search for their personal vision (vision quest). They go through a trial during which they are challenged to be left alone in the wild to face their fears and overcome their limits in order to find their own power and core strength.

Sunday also offers us two performances which start with Petros Konnaris’ Nude the Tree at 6pm and then Harry Kousios’ The Time Quality at 6.40pm.

The night ends with a closing party at 10.30pm, so do stick around to meet the dancers and socialise.

Now back to what will unfold onstage.

Nude the Tree is a body-dance performance by Konnaris which touches on the difference between the nude body and the naked one.

As the dance will show, a nude body is one which is connected to freedom and confidence, while the naked body is associated with shame and vulnerability.

Koushos’ piece concentrates on quality and time. The male form is the archetype of quality. It is a powerful creative energy which presents itself as unhindered by any spatial conventions and thus makes itself evident as movement in time.

It exists within a universal course of time where separate beings enter their separate forms.

The transformation and the power which the form exudes to resist time, create a kind of collision which will always be there and always moving.

Parallel Events of the Cyprus dance platform
Two-day event of dance performances, a roundtable discussion, a master class, and a closing party. March 7-8. Dance House Lemesos, 17 Andrea Drousioti Street, Heroes Square, Limassol. Dance performances start at 6pm. Free. Tel: 77-777798

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