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Burnt by the sun

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

By Hermes Solomon

Advertising helps finance the press to some degree, but is not its mainstay. The Cyprus Mail website is free, others demand a subscription. It is well-known that several other ‘media outlets’ are financed by ‘outside interests’.

Many publication owners have desk drawers full of litigations pending, which rarely come to court because owners know something about litigants that we don’t.

Open a can of worms and all inside is rotten, the reason litigants threaten but fail to follow through. But most Cypriots are not to be found in that can of worms.

The attorney and auditor generals are slowly but surely digging out the worms with the help of a revitalised Inland Revenue, which now inspect taxpayers’ bank accounts (on and offshore) fifteen years back, asking questions like, ‘Just where did you get that fifty grand?’

Agreed, the republic is struggling. But it was undiplomatic of US ambassador, John Koenig (German for King) to Tweet his nonsense, kicking Anastassiades (Ass) when Cyprus is down.

Should Anastassiades keep his thoughts to himself after switching from whisky to vodka?

Herodotus wrote, “If an important decision is to be made, they [the Persians] discuss the question when they are drunk, and the following day the master of the house where the discussion was held submits their decision for reconsideration when they are sober. If they still approve it, it is adopted; if not, it is abandoned. Conversely, any decision they make when they are sober, is reconsidered afterwards when they are drunk.”

I’m rather proud of Anastassiades for intimating in Moscow what’s really happening to Cyprus at the hands of the EU and US. It could be much worse at the hands of the ‘Soviets’, of course, but 30 per cent of business in Cyprus is Russian, offshore, onshore and inshore in Nicosia. And Putin is no Stalin, nor will Russians in Cyprus be ‘burnt by the sun’ (see movie of same name – a masterpiece of how ‘good’ Russians suffered under Stalin).

Who is today’s Joe Stalin; Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jin Ping or Kim Jong-un? Western media make ISIS today’s greatest worldwide threat, but who leads them?

Think about it – which towns are closer to Cyprus than Brussels and Washington? Yes, Ankara, Damascus, etc. But Moscow is also.

What if ISIS were to threaten Cyprus? Who would we run to then, the EU/US or Russia? I doubt any would step in to help with 40,000 Turkish troops stationed in the north, some of which could be sympathetic to ISIS.

The Republic of Cyprus is skating on thin ice and knows it. It has been suggested that any settlement with the north would disband/dissolve the present republic and cancel its EEZ rights to be renegotiated under a ‘new republic’, Turkey rewriting present internationally accepted boundaries. Could this be the reason the republic refuses to return to the Cyprob negotiating table?

Uncharacteristic statements by our foreign minister and president can only be described as the last resort of the weak generated by a plea for ‘real’ support and ‘proper’ recognition.

Nicos Papadopoulos has joined the fray with the ‘true Laiki story’; how Cyprus was intimidated by the ECB to help bail-out Greek banks at the cost of our own. We were ‘burnt’ by the ECB!

Austria’s Financial Market Authority stepped in last Sunday to wind down “bad bank” Heta Asset Resolution – a haircut of depositors’ savings is not excluded. It seems nowhere is our money safe. It should be remembered that the 1930s depression began with a crash of Austrian banks.

It is time to fight, not lie down and take endless kicking. And that’s the only reason I support Anastassiades’ outburst in Moscow and SYRIZA’s fight for Greece. Varoufakis has lit a flame that will not be extinguished easily, and not only in Greece. Italy’s prime minister was seen to visit Moscow this week.

Washington and Brussels have an agenda to encroach on Russia and ignite a new Cold War, which might at any moment become a Hot War, hence Ma Merkel’s capital and continent hopping.

Let’s hope she succeeds in cooling things. But her hopping is the reason Varoufakis got away with what he did. If he had been given the Anastassiades’ treatment, Greece would probably now be in its Plan B, shaking off the EU and NATO and visiting Moscow.

Anastassiades is right to fight, but at his age he does not possess the stamina to win on his own. He needs all political parties and the population at his side to even stand a chance.

I can recall how this paper cheered his election victory two years ago, and how commentators and readers alike expected great things of him back then. The sad thing is that some stay on comment forums all day as if they had nothing better to do than drag all that is Cyprus or Cypriot through the proverbial mud.

But a government without an overall majority makes radical change worm pace slow – the long arm of the law and Inland Revenue EU wide exchange of information only now uncovering untold corruption. And nobody will escape.

Politicians today require a sportsman’s stamina and bona fide credentials. Writing also, and I am dead right about partial debt write-off. It’s the only way forward for PIIGS & Cyprus. Keep printing Mario, sober or drunk!

The DAX and CAC stock market indices are breaking all records – a cheap euro equating to mega exports for Eurozone industrialised economies. A boom in tourism and investment for Greece and Cyprus from non-Eurozone countries will follow, though it would even more so if Brussels kicked both out of the Eurozone!

Brussels’ hands are tied, bad for Europe if you do and bad if you don’t.

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