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Not all that is rubbish, stinks

By Maria Gregoriou

If you think about it, fairytales are recycled pieces of information that may change slightly from one narration to the next. So, just as stories are re-told and recycled, so too are materials.

This concept is somewhat the moral behind the new play for children TRAShhh: A Recycled Fairytale from writer and artistic director at Little Muse Young People’s Theatre Catherine Beger.

The story of TRAShhh takes the audience into a magical world where the contents of a bin bag transform into hidden treasures. Although it might sound odd to us grown-ups, Beger will be the ambassador to a celebration of our rubbish and stage a recycled fairytale for children over four (so that includes us whose age is a double digit too).

Of course, all the fun of rummaging around what others or we ourselves have discarded has a strong message. It is a play about taking second takes, about rethinking things, reusing things and recycling things, all in unexpected ways.

All this will happen with trash collector Eve, who goes on a journey with a mission to start the world over. Expect something quite magical to emerge from a bag full of junk and expect the unexpected when a little olive tree is found abandoned in the trash.

The play, which will have its premiere on Saturday, is not just an original story – it is also accompanied by original music by Nektarios Rodosthenos, choreography by Oli Rizo, direction by Lea Maleni, design by Loukia Pierides and Nadia Mowfy, and the people behind all the technical stuff are Dmitri Tsiguelnitsky and Marie Lange. So as you can see TRAShhh is anything but a pile of rubbish to this group of creators who joined together to build a new world of adventure.

TRASHhhh: A Recycled Fairytale
Performance of play by Catherine Beger. March 14. Theatre Scala, Larnaca. 5pm. €7. In English. Tel: 96-216435
March 15. Theatre Scala, Larnaca. 11am. In English
March 22. Satiriko Theatre, Nicosia. 11am. In English
March 29. Satiriko Theatre, Nicosia. 11am. In Greek
April 4. Theatre Scala, Larnaca. 5pm. In Greek
April 5. Ethal Theatre, Limassol. 2.30pm and 5pm. In Greek

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