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MPs miffed by Governor’s list of their NPLs

Central Bank Governor Chrystalla Georghadhi

By Elias Hazou

POLITICAL parties on Thursday asked for the resignation of the Central Bank (CBC) board and an investigation into the allegations made by the supervisor’s executive member Stelios Kiliaris who has since resigned.

Deputy chairman of the House Ethics committee Demetris Syllouris said the entire board must resign.

“This is what parliament and the government must ask for,” Syllouris said.

The EVROKO MP was upset over the fact that the CBC had composed a list with the names of lawmakers who had not been servicing their loans.

“The issue that arises today as a conclusion is that if an institution operates on the basis of blackmail, it cannot operate properly,” Syllouris said.

He added that he would not be playing “this dirty game to divert the people’s attention elsewhere.”

AKEL MP Aristos Damianou demanded a criminal investigation into the affair concerning the deputy Attorney-general.

On the list of MPs, Damianou said they were also human and “owing to a bank and being insolvent because of the crisis is not a crime.”

The AKEL MP said the only fitting action for the CBC board was its resignation.

DISY MP Andreas Kyprianou added that what was said in the committee was unprecedented.

“What should be of interest to everyone in relation with their honesty is their financial standing before taking office and after,” he said. “Who have many millions and how they acquired them should be of more interest and not whether someone takes a loan to survive and educate their children.”

Kyprianou added that parliament and the elected MPs will not bow to efforts to intimidate them.

DIKO MP Marios Garoyian said the CBC governor and the board must resign.

“The CBC governor must publish what she claims and from then on everyone will be judged through reality and not through gossip and whispers,” he said.

EDEK deputy Roula Mavronikola suggested the CBC governor could not be entrusted with her post.

“At this moment Mrs. Georghadji is holding the country’s economy in her hands. Can we trust her, when she is using lists of MPs for blackmail?”

“Whether 29 MPs, or most MPs, owe the banks or have interests… I am certain that they can declare their interests whenever they are voting on legislation; they have done this often in the past and will do so again when needed.

“The problem is that the names of these deputies are being used for extortion when it comes to decisions which may potentially affect Mrs. Georghadji personally.”

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