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Food prices rose 3.2 per cent in a month

By Jean Christou

The price of food in Cyprus was hiked by 3.2 per cent overall between December 2014 and January 2015, EU statistics show, the biggest rise across the bloc.

In Greece prices rose 1.5 per cent in the same period but in every other EU country they were either down, or the hikes came in at under 1 per cent.

According to the figures, in Cyprus the price of bread rose 1.1 per cent, meat 1.3 per cent, fish 2.1 per cent, milk, cheese and eggs 0.6 per cent, oils 1.4 per cent, fruit 3.5 per cent, vegetables a whopping 18 per cent, sugar 2.3 per cent, and other foods by 2 per cent.

In other parts of the bloc, bread prices dropped in six countries and meat prices dropped in all but nine of the EU28 member states, but Cyprus had the biggest increase in that category as it also did for fish, fruit, vegetables and sugar.

Yesterday, the Consumers and Quality of Life Union reminded the public of its planned boycott of all shops on Saturday and Sunday to mark the March 15 International Consumers Day.

“We invite you to participate in the 2nd Pancyprian boycott, with a total abstinence from markets. Do not buy fuel, bread, milk or anything else,” the organisation said.
“Show your indignation and your determination. Send in every direction, the message that you no longer accept to be exploited.”

At the same time, the commerce ministry yesterday released its periodical report on prices on the local market surveying the smaller supermarkets, not the big chains.

It shows in some case widely differing prices from town to town and from shop to shop.

In the case of milk, most supermarkets in all districts stick to the ceiling price of €1.41 but the cheapest litre of full-fat milk can be found at the Theatoumba supermarket in Nicosia, and €1.28 at Pilavakis.

In Limassol the cheapest can be found for €1.32 at Tsiartis and Papas supermarkets for €1.32, the same price as Tremetousiotis in Larnaca.

The cheapest milk in Paphos can be found for €1.39 at Angelos supermarket, and in the Famagusta area for €1.33 at Litsa’s.

While milk prices don’t vary to a great extent, try buying an eight-pack of Coke cans.

Most are in the €2.50 to €4 price range but in terms of comparison, the cheapest can be found for €2.19 at Papayiannis in Nicosia and the most expensive can be found at €4.74 at Sikkis in Larnaca, a difference of €2.55, or another pack of eight with change to spare.

Similarly, a 375g box of Kellogs Cornflakes goes for €1.80 at a shop in Limassol, and €2.90 at one in Paphos.

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