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The one, the only…Shahab Tiam

By Maria Gregoriou

Tomorrow night Tracasol Cultural Centre at the Limassol Marina will be popping with some Iranian music – unlike any you would expect – from Iranian singer and performer Shahab Tiam.

The singer (who could be compared to Greek heart-throb Sakis Rouvas if you check out his music videos on youtube) is well known in America and in the Middle East.

Tiam was always bound for fame as he had his first solo performance during a school performance when he was 12-years-old. This show of talent was not just his first taste of what it is like to sing in front of an audience, it also got him noticed as he won second place in a competition that all schools in the area were participating in.

This first taste of fame pushed him to move to America to follow his dream of having a musical career at the age of 17. But in order to get to America he had to go to Turkey first and apply for entrance into the States.

He had to wait a year but it was time well spent as Tiam spent this time writing songs.

Once in America he settled in Arizona and quickly became acquainted with some local musicians, including Basim Mozaffari and Reza Tolu, and also started to work on his unique Iranian style.

After two years of being in America, the singer dedided to move to California, which is considered to be the heart of the Western Iranian music industry. There he met Kian Hejazi and Farzad Emtesali and together the trio created the band Shaodows.

Performing as part of the band surely got Tiam on the right track to an international career as he was spotted by a well known Persian singer, Shahyad, who asked Tiam to join him in a concert he was giving.

After the performance, Shahab became Tiam’s new producer and composer, and the rest they say, is part of Iranian musical history.

But, just as a warm-up, if you would like to spend your morning today accompanied by some music while doing the house work, may be suggest you have a listen to one of the singer’s two albums – Zarabaan, which was released in 2009, and One, which came out in 2005.

Shahab Tiam
Live performance by the Iranian singer. March 22. Tracasol Cultural Centre, Limassol Marina. 9pm. Tel: 99-184025

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