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A taste for pickle?

By Maria Gregoriou

If you have been pregnant, are pregnant or have been around someone who was pregnant you should know that women in that situation have some weird cravings, but the one that we all seem to know is a pregnant woman’s need for pickles.

But what do you do in the middle of the night when the baby is kicking, keeping its mother up and making her nag at the daddy-to-be, and there are no pickles in the house? Well, you plan ahead and make sure there is always a jar in the cupboard.

To help you have this crazy craving under control – and now we are not only talking about pregnant women – get the know-how on how to get vegetables all vinegared up at the Pikla workshop on Saturday.

The workshop aims at presenting the multicultural character of Cypriot society through different fermented recipes. Some of these are traditional pickles, toursi (which is a great vegetable mix of cauliflower, turnips, carrots, cucumbers, red and green peppers), atchara (grated unripe papaya) and more.

You can join in the fun and learn how to make these recipes and then take away a jar of pickles at the end of the workshop (and maybe stick it in a hiding place for an emergency.)

The workshop is part of an MA project which focuses on Cypriot culture and how its future image will be shaped.

Workshop on making different fermented recipes. April 4. OHI Open Market, Nicosia. 12pm. Free. Tel 99-378128

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