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Supreme Court dismisses dog killer’s appeal

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of 66-year-old Andreas Ioannou who was sentenced to two months imprisonment by the Limassol District Court on March 5 on charges of animal abuse, negligence and assaulting police officers.

Ioannou’s case had shocked animal lovers, since the retired professor was arrested after tying his dog to the car and dragging it to its death.

The Supreme Court also imposed a lifelong ban on Ioannou, who is now forbidden from ever owning a dog again.

Animal Party head Kyriakos Kyriakou told the Cyprus Mail that while the prison sentence was a success, he was not pleased that the Supreme Court did not impose a stricter penalty.

The state had appealed the sentence judging it too lenient and the Supreme Court had ruled on both appeals on Friday.

“We feel that two months in jail is too lenient. It doesn’t reflect the crime that was committed against this poor animal. While we appreciate the fact that the court went with our suggestion for a life ban, we feel that the penalty should be stricter,” Kyriacou said.

Kyriakou added that if there was a silver lining to be found, it was the fact that animal abuse cases are now treated more seriously by the authorities.

The maximum sentence for animal abuse is a year in jail and/or a €1,700 fine.

Ioannou’s case was the first time anyone was sentenced to jail for animal abuse.

The crime took place on Christmas Day 2013.

The police officers saw the educator’s Land Rover pass by with his dog – a Rottweiler named Bruno – tied on the back and dragged through the streets.



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