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Welcome to the dark ages

I would like to express my gratitude to the great minds of AKEL who today returned Cyprus to the Dark Ages BC (Before Consumers).

If I lived in Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, or Ayia Napa, I would have been stuck in the modern era where I would have been allowed to go shopping today (April 1st). Fortunately for me, I live in Nicosia where thanks mainly to AKEL all the shops are closed today.

This is obviously a great boon to those people that would have had to go to work and earn money, but will now be able to stay at home with their families, possibly permanently unless someone drags our capital city back in to the 20th Century (I know it is the 21st Century now, but we hadn’t quite got there yet).

This is also a great victory for the communists over the capitalists who will lose God knows how much business and make smaller profits on which to pay taxes to the capitalist Government.

In future I will only purchase newspapers from kiosks, and everything else from stores that are not likely to be members of the AKEList puppet union POVEK.

Martin Rodger, Nicosia

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