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Where’s my post?

Am I the only person experiencing postal problems?  My parents live in Cyprus and I live in the UK. Since the demise of Cyprus Airways the postal service has deteriorated.

Post between here and Cyprus and vice versa was fast.  My parents would post something on a Friday and it would drop on my door mat the following Tuesday.  However, now your guess is as good as mine regarding the length of time from posting to delivery.

Post is now taking on average two weeks to arrive and that is if you are lucky.  Over two weeks ago, my parents posted two cards  and an air mail envelope at the same time, in the same post box, with the correct postage, the only thing that has arrived is the airmail envelope.

The recipients of the two cards are still waiting.  It isn’t much better from the UK on average it is taking two weeks as opposed to the three to five days European post should take.
So who is carrying the post and where is it are the questions I would like answered.

Judith Healy via email

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