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A musical feast of flutes

By Maria Gregoriou

The flute is featured in literature as an alluring musical instrument whose tunes hypnotise and entrance. And it is thus represented in the folktale made popular by the Brothers Grimm, The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

As the story goes, the piper was invited by the mayor of Hamelin, which was riddled with rats, to lure them away with his magic flute. So the piper did as he was told but when time came for the piper to receive pay for services rendered, the mayor refused to hold up his part of the bargain. In order for the piper to take revenge, he used his flute to attract the children of the city and lead them into a cave where they remained.

So if only one flute player can cause such results with his music, just imagine what a choir of flute players could do.

For those intrigued to find out, the Flautissimo Limassol Flute Choir will be giving a performance tomorrow night at Saint Catherine’s Catholic Church in Limassol on the seafront avenue.

The choir has had a great season, giving concerts and other musical performances at the Château des Arts, which permanently hosts Flautissimo Limassol Flute Choir. Now with all that playing under its belt, the choir will welcome the new season.

To welcome spring in style, the choir will also be accompanied by well-known conductor George Krasides and dramatic tenor Marios Andreou.

The concert will include Spring by Antonio Vivaldi from his bigger piece The Four Seasons, Alla Hornpipe by George Friderik Handel from the Water Music, the magical Waltz No. 2 by Dmitri Schostakovich, and a number of other pieces.

Fautissimo Spring Concert
Performance by the flute choir. April 19. Saint Catherine’s Catholic Church, Limassol. 9.30pm. €5. Tel: 99-486383

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