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Bar review: Mousikon Kafeneion, Nicosia

By Constantinos Psillides

To say that Ledras and Onasagorou streets are booming is an major understatement. The once busy streets were almost done and forgotten, surrendering to urban abandonment but recent events blew new life into them. Opening up the checkpoints on one hand and mayor Yiorkadjis’ decision to scrap a law requiring all store owners to provide adequate parking – and instead taking it upon himself to build and expand existing parking lots – has resulted in an industry boom over the last five years. Restaurants, artsy cafés, bistros and bars started springing up along the two streets that are now buzzing with people.

Amid these new age establishments there is a certain café/bar that stands alone, reminding us that retro never died. Situated at the very end of Onasagorou, the weary shopper will come across a little place called Mousikon Kafeneion, which translates to The Musicians’ Coffeeshop.

The outlet stands defiant in the face of modern interior design and architecture, opting for the rustic look and feel of the old-time Cypriot coffeeshops. No plastic modern chairs, no design tables. Just some good ol’ Cypriot hospitality, the kind of which you only find on postcards. The Mousikon has a selection of Cypriot drinks – including wines, koumandaria and everyone’s favourite zivania – with a meze assortment to wash it down with. Mousikon’s meze platter couldn’t be more Cypriot even if it had a moustache, wore a vraka and consistently ripped off the state. Lountza, salted ham, olives, a cheese platter, grilled bread with oil and oregano, vegetables, pickles and other goodies await you – an ideal side for your favourite drink.

And if you happen to be there on a Monday night, hold on to your hats! The lads owning the shop take their instruments out and invite patrons to a night filled with Greek music.

Mousikon Kafeneion is an excellent choice to go along with your shopping or to chill out during the hot summer nights to come.


Mousikon Kafeneion
Where: Onasagorou 78, Nicosia
Contact: 22 660123

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