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A year of giving generously

Five-year-old Andriana Charalambous

By Bejay Browne

A YEAR after being launched, a Limassol based foundation, set up by a Russian entrepreneur and his wife, has helped countless individuals and causes, and is garnering support from organisations and individuals all over Cyprus.

The Andrey and Julia Dashin foundation which was set up in April last year by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Dashin and his wife Julia, has initiated a number of programmes in their first year of operation, including, ‘Letter to Santa Claus’, ‘Kindness in a Box’ programme, and have helped out with dozens of other charitable initiatives and environmental awareness schemes.

One such beneficiary is five-year-old Andriana Charalambous, a disabled child in desperate need of specialist equipment, according to Alina Nabieva, the foundation’s .managing director.
Her plight was first featured in the Cyprus Mail in September 2014, when her parents appealed to collect donations to purchase a crucial chair that would help the her development.

“The foundation received a plea for help from the parents of a family in Paphos. One of their triplets, Andriana, had outgrown her specialist chair, which is so vital for her movement and social well-being. A new chair costs 4083.45 euros and is absolutely out of reach for her parents to afford,” Nabieva said.

Nabieva said that the foundation decided to help the family and buy the chair with a portion of money donated from a fundraising charity bazaar in February, as well as a direct contribution from the foundation.

The chair has been ordered and will be presented to Andriana when it arrives at the end of the month, said Nabieva.

In February, the foundation also donated 6000 euros to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society in support of their new 2015 programme – ‘24 Hour On Call Service’ – for cancer patients. The service allows cancer patients to receive free medical assistance at their home at any time, without having to go to the cancer centre. The service will be available in Limassol as a pilot project.

The ‘Kindness in a Box’ scheme is again up and running and aims to help those in need by offering direct material help to anyone who has written to the foundation with specific requests or needs. “This charity cause has already been conducted in October-November 2014 and now the foundation is glad to welcome new requests and respond to specific needs of individuals. For more information people can visit our website,” she said.

Today the foundation is co-organising and will take part in the environmental awareness and clean-up campaign ‘Let’s Do It Cyprus’. Last year the foundation supported the coastal cleaning project, ‘Let’s Do It Mediterranean.’

In May, the foundation is cooperating with PAVA a nationwide chain of charities that help people in need.
“Members are volunteers and give their free time to help others in need with clothing, food, electrical appliances and many other items. This is also one of the missions and objectives of the foundation,” said Nabjeva.

The foundation will support the group by paying for storage rental and communal expenses as well as petrol costs for a year. She said that the organisation will use a small mini-van to deliver items to people in need.

“The Andrey & Julia Dashin’s Foundation has brought to life a number of new causes and events and has grand plans to extend a helping hand and aid more people for the future,” she added.

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