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Second problem disrupts Nicosia water supply, cuts schedule

By Andria Kades

Another water pipeline in Nicosia malfunctioned on Tuesday, affecting Nikis Avenue, Griva Digeni and the area to the east of the presidential palace.

While authorities expected it to be repaired in two and a half hours complications arose when it appeared that there were underground cables belonging to the electricity authority (EAC) and CyTA as well as a Nicosia municipality drain over the site, putting water board staff at high risk.

“There is a crane from the EAC at the scene to remove an electricity pole,” Nicosia Water Board director Nicos Zambakiades told the CyBC.

“We are making efforts to solve the problem,” he added. “Once the EAC and CyTA are finished there are two crews already there to correct the malfunction.”

This highlights a problem different services have with cable space that often overlap and the issue caused by trees, that despite their aesthetic value, have to be cut down when obstructing different wires.

“We have said there should be a joint channel for all cables so we don’t have this problem every time there is a malfunction,” Zambakides said.

He complained that dozens of letters had been sent to the government where they always had to wait for other services every time they had to deal with a problem, delaying the process.

Earlier in the day, Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis said that water supply in Nicosia could be fully restored within the next three days after last week’s water pipe malfunction caused water supply cuts across the capital.

“Since Friday the technical fault has been repaired,” he said in connection to the Tersefanou water pipe in Nicosia – the city’s only water supply.

“If the public cooperates, like postponing laundry and all consumption that is unnecessary at the moment because not all homes have water, then supply can be restored to the last home within three days,” he stipulated.

Although the problem with the Tersefanou pipe has been repaired supply to households is being restored gradually to avoid damaging the network.

Kouyiallis added there would be an investigation into why matters reached the point where households in Nicosia could not be supplied when reservoirs are full of water, and measures would be taken to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

One such action would be to develop an alternative water supply from Vasiliko to Nicosia, a matter that has been discussed for a long time.

“I am in touch with the European Investment Bank for three months in an attempt to find financing for this pipeline,” the minister said.

“As soon as the study is completed we will proceed to construct the pipeline which may take at least two years and from then on, the Water Development Department and Water Board have to work on improving their systems and next time have to be better prepared when doing such works,” he said.


Until the water supply is back to normal, cuts will be as follows:

Supply on Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 6pm – 6am
Area Number Area Near:


1A 28th October, D. Mitropoulou, Limassol Athalassa Avenue, Akropoleos (until Arsinoi) Arsinoi (until Elefsinos)
2A National Guard, Marakriou III, Kypranoros, Stasinou, Halkokondili
2C Tombazi, Ayia Eleni, Olymbou, Kennedy Pallouriotissa
3A Poulliou-Kapota until Ayiou Ilarionos Kaimakli
5A Ayiou Andrea area until Griva Digeni area
5C Turkish occupied area Ledra Palace
6A Griva Digeni, Spyrou Lambrou, D Severi, Spyrou Kyprianou and east of Nikis Avenue
7A Athinon, Kantaras, Strovolou, Simis
7D West of Strovoos (close to the Post Office) until Kantaras street
9A Ippodromion, Kyriakou Matsi
10 Ayios Pavlos
13 North Pole
15A South of Larnacos Avenue
16A East Akadimias and North Kyrinias
17A Between Archhangelou street, Griva Digeni, Epias, Argonafton and Lefkotheou until Apolloniou Hospital
17D Maggli Fields (Archangelos)
17E Between Ayiou Eleftheriou streets, Ayiou Yennadiou and Ayiou Avgoustinou (Archangelos)
17F West of Nicosia – Kokkinotrimithias road, west of American radio station until north of Florinis street and Hatdjiakoumi
19 Strovolou Settlement (Sinikoismou) II, Olivia estates area
21A North of Filippou Papakyprianou, Archbishop Kyprianou, Andrea Avramidi streets, east of intercity Nicosia Limassol road
22A East of Foti Pitta, Geriou self help settlement (sinoikismos Autostegasis) AB&E phases
23A North of Tseri centre community
24A Section of Anthoupoli Settlement
25 Koinotita Ergaton (Workers community)


On Sunday the Board will supply water depending on the available quantities


Supply on Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday from 6pm – 6am
Area Number Area Near:


1B Akropoleos, Kennedy, Thermopylon, Axiou
2B Ayiou Elenis, Kallipoleos and Halkokondyli
2D Kallipoleos, Larnacos, Tompazi
3B Poulliou – Kapota, Kennedy Pallouriotissa
6B Severi, A. Miaouli, Griva Digeni, Omirou
7B Athinon, Akadimia Avenue, Strovolos Avenue
7C Stavrou, Killinis and Strovolos refugee settlement  III
7E Strovolos Refugee Settlement III
8A Griva Digeni, Archangellou, Prodromou Lefkonos
8B Archangelou Lefkonos, Eleonon, Pedieos river
9C Ippodromion, Kyriakou Matsi, Ayiou Pavlou
14B South of Kolokotroni street
15B North of Larnaca Avenue and west of Ammochostou (Famagusta) Avenue
16B Costa Theodorou Area
17B Between Florinis street and East of Iroon
18 Kokkines, fields of KOA Earth and Aspres Settlement
21B South A. Avramidi and Filipou Papakyprianou and East of Kranidiout Avenue, North Ayiou Georgiou and Archangellou Mihail self help
21C East of Kranidioti and South of Ayiou Georgiou
22B Self help settlement Geriou, land for poor families and Klatsia settlement
23B South of Tseriou community centre
24B Section of Anthoupoli Settlement

On Sunday the Board will supply water depending on the available quantities in reservoirs


Supply on Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 6am – 6pm
Area Number Area Near:


NSIA Strovolos Industrial Area
6D K. Matsi, Nikis, Junior School
14A North of Kolokotroni street and Kaimakli Industrial Area
16C Strovolos Industrial Zone
16D Limassol Avenue, Akadimias and South Kyrenia
21D West of Kranidioti Eleonon until Filipou Papakyprianou, Nicosia, Arch. Kyprianou
22A Laiki Lefkothea and Industrial Zone of Varias Ohlirias Geriou


Supply on Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday from 6am – 6pm
Area Number Area Near:
1C Stasinou, San Sousi, Evrou
2E Makariou Kennedy, E Papaioannou and Posidonos
4 Turkish Occupied Area, Orfeas field
6C R.I.O – D Severi heights, Ayiou Omologiton, Tsagaridi, Kriezi, Andrea Miaouli
9B Kyriakou Matsi, Ayiou Nikolaou, Delfon and Engomi Industrial Area
15C North of Larnacos Avenue and East of Ammochostos (Famagusta) Avenue
17B4 Makariou stadium area
17B3 Between Pavlou Mela streets, Epias and 28th October
17B2 Papafilipou area until Institute of Genetics
21E West of Kranidioti, south of Arch. Kyprianou until Industrial Zone

On Sunday the Board will supply water depending on the available quantities in reservoirs


To contact the Nicosia Water Board call 2 2698000

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