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Kamares residents say they’re plagued by mosquitoes

Residents in Larnaca are complaining the local municipality is not doing anything to combat the number of mosquitoes in Kamares area by the Salt Lake.

Anna Shiakalis, said that authorities had only sprayed once so far whereas this time last year, they had sprayed three times.

The situation had become worse after heavy rainfall in Larnaca late last year meant a lot of water accumulated near the Salt Lake – close to Shiakalis home.

Stelios Mitides, at the municipality’s department of complaints denied that not enough was being done. “We spray every single day and are doing everything that is humanly possible.”

Shiakalis brought the matter to the attention of the mayor Andreas Louroutziatis, who responded saying it was “going to be a very difficult battle on various fronts.”

“We are placing photo traps that attract the insects and we spray them,” he told her.

Their conversation however was over a week ago and nothing has happened as of yet, Shiakalis said.  “It’s like a fog over the trees and it’s mosquitoes.”

“We are not happy and the situation is not being seen to. My arms and legs are covered in bites and I can’t open my windows after 7pm.”


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