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A very festive weekend

By Maria Gregoriou

This weekend there will be a festival over here and a festival over there, and a festival for all kinds of tastes and ages. If you hail from Paphos, Larnaca or Nicosia you will find a day of festivities just beyond your door-step, if not then all it will take is a small road trip to get you to where happenings will be very much… well, happening.

Let the festivities begin in Paphos with the Kamares Festival. You can start by looking at the arts and crafts being sold at over 50 stands, visit the representatives of local wineries and take part in charity games as of 10am at the Kamares Club near Tala. All this and entertainment for children and adults will be shaking up the atmosphere until 5pm.

Entertainment will be provided by Spa Tonic, Thompson School of Dance, The Cyprus Morris Dancers, SM and KC Entertainment, Young Stars, Harmony and Dave Kinsbury. Refreshments are available throughout the day and entry is free.

The event will be supporting local charities including the Cancer Patients Support Group, PAWS, British Legion, Paphiakos Animal Rescue, The Friends Hospice and the Inner Wheel Group.

If you prefer something more to do with architecture, history and contemporary art, then head to the village of Kalavasos in the Larnaca district for the Tenta festival (the name of the festival is inspired by the name of the Neolithic settlement of Tenta, which is located just outside the village.)

Apart from spending the day taking in the historical and natural beauty of the village – which you can do during a tour that will start at 11am – and getting to know the very friendly community, you will also be able to view performances and take part in a workshop.

Get ready to enjoy a photography exhibition on the subject of the Kalavasos mines at 12pm and a talk on the highlights of the archaeology of Kalavasos which will be delivered in English by archaeologist Alison South at 4pm. The talk will also be translated into Greek.

A theatrical performance of La Belote by George Anthony, directed by Euripides Dikaios, follows at 7pm. Things then turn to dance with two performances of the work entitled INLAND by Fotis Nikolaou & X-it Dancetheatre at 7.30pm and 9pm. Music will be provided by local band Monsieur Doumani, who will be getting us better acquainted with their new album Sikoses, at 4pm until 6pm, and then again at 10.30pm.

But as we said, it is not all about sitting back and being entertained, you can also take part in two workshops. The first is entitled Reshaping the Museum Experience and will revolve around the idea of presenting the whole history of the island through one village, the village of Kalavasos. The workshop will be running all day and if you are interested in finding out how a museum can be reshaped, contact Christina Skarpasi on 97-676011 or send an email to [email protected]

The second workshop is targeted at people up to 16 years old, and it has to do with theatrical performance and movement. This workshop will run from 10.30am until 1.30pm and if you are interested in participating the contact number is 97-778812.

All other events can be viewed at

Now for the last event, which is the Youth Festival – bringing all youths and all who feel young together from 5pm until 11pm.

Nicosia’s municipal garden will be musically decorated with the live tunes performed by local DJs, become a human library, give us lots to eat, host a flash mob and be home to a presentation.

But before going into the woods (and hopefully not finding a big bad wolf) we’ll give you the rundown on what exactly will be entertaining us in the park.

Things will get started with a treasure hunt at 4pm until 6pm, next a human library will give us all the chance to break down stereotypes at 5pm until 8pm. The presentation on Pecha Kucha Nicosia will come into play at 8.30pm and the music and dance will keep the atmosphere crisp from 5pm.

Kamares Festival
Arts and crafts, charity fair games, entertainment and refreshments. May 23. Elea Goft Club, 1 Eleon Ave, 8310 Geroskipou, Paphos. 10am-5pm. Tel:26-202001

Tenta Festival
A cultural festival with music, theatre and dance. May 23. Kalavasos village, Larnaca. 10am-11pm. Tel: 97-676011

Youth Festival
Performance by DJs, bands, a flash mob, a human library and a food market. May 24. Nicosia Municipal Gardens. 5pm-11pm. Tel: 22-402600

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